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13848Re: [scrumdevelopment] Big Picture at the Daily Scrum

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  • Ron Jeffries
    Jun 1 6:39 PM
      On Thursday, June 1, 2006, at 7:51:47 PM, Kevin Dalley wrote:

      > I'm not sure that urgency and commitment are the issues. The problem
      > is that the group is surprised by not meeting the goals of the sprint.

      > Unfortunately, until a task is finished, a developer doesn't know for
      > sure that it can be completed.

      > When nearing the end of the sprint, it is tempting to believe that I
      > can finish a task even though I am not as far along as I had hoped to
      > be at this point. Am I lying to myself? Do I lack commitment? Am I
      > too optimistic? Maybe all of the above. Of course, sometimes I can
      > pull of a miracle and finish a 2 week estimate in 2 days. On the
      > other hand, I can report my doubts in the sprint meeting.

      > If someone reports falling behind in the sprint, what is the reaction
      > of others? Can they come together and help solve the problems? Are
      > they willing to report that a task may slip in the current sprint?

      > If the reaction of the other sprint members is to talk about
      > commitment and urgency, a developer may be encouraged to report that
      > everything will be finished at the end of the sprint.

      > What is nice about scrum is that at the end of the sprint, there is a
      > near-deliverable. No one knows at the beginning of the sprint exactly
      > what will be delivered and what will wait, but everyone knows the
      > goals, and that the product will be nearly usable at the end.

      > Some tasks will have to wait until the next sprint.

      > Improving estimates in the end of the sprint would be nice, but accept
      > some unpredictability.

      What would happen if your tasks were, oh, 1/5 the current size?

      Ron Jeffries
      Improvement stops when we start believing that
      ideas about how to improve are insulting.
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