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13819RE: [scrumdevelopment] Re: Do you count weekends in your burn down chart?

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  • Ilja Preuss
    Jun 1, 2006
      > Victor, I heartily agree. The team knows why the curve is as it is.

      Yes. And sometime someone needs to know when something might be done, or
      whether some deadline can be made.

      The team, knowing why the curce looks the way it does, is in the best
      position to guess on how it will continue, and therefore to provide a trend
      line - not only based on the graph history, but also on their interpretation
      of the graph.

      > Furthermore, as soon as there is a nice tidy line on the
      > naturally irregular burndown, managers think the team is
      > deviating from some ideal... wrong, wrong, wrong!

      Your managers must be different from mine. Mine understand that the line is
      just a projection. And the developers understand that the managers need the
      data to manage, and that getting better at providing an as realistic
      trendline as possible is a valuable skill to learn by practicing it.

      > But it's
      > human nature to see the jagged line as some kind of deviation
      > from an "ideal" sprint (which does NOT exist! otherwise we wouldn't
      > need Agile!).

      I disagree. The ideal certainly exist - as an ideal. Deviation from the
      ideal is natural - but observing and analyzing it is also an opportunity to
      learn and get better.

      > The burndown, like a story card, should be considered
      > incomplete without the conversation that puts it in context.

      Very true. As should the trend line. If you do that, I don't see the harm
      you seem to see - I see a lot of value.

      Cheers, Ilja
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