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13476Re: [scrumdevelopment] Stories and Algorithms

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  • Steven Farlie
    May 1, 2006
      On Mon, May 1, 2006 8:12 pm, Ron Jeffries wrote:
      > <snip!>
      > Of course projects succeed without iterations -- at least without
      > formally recognizing that they have them. (In all the successful
      > non-iterative projects I've seen, there were a kind of development
      > "phases", where the team worked on this stuff for a while, then that
      > stuff. Selected work, iterative in that sense, but not sliced into
      > fixed time-boxes. There may be exceptions to that as well.)
      > I'd like to know more about the situation, and the algorithm, before
      > releasing the team from the time-boxes ... especially if they're on
      > one-month or two-week iterations.
      > Ron Jeffries

      Once again I must concede to you Ron.

      (But one day, when you least expect it, I'll be there. And then... the
      list shall be mine!!)
      Steven Farlie
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