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13469Re: [scrumdevelopment] Stories and Algorithms

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  • Steven Farlie
    May 1, 2006
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      Not at all. I'm saying that you should recognise when a particular process
      is inappropriate for the task at hand.

      It's the old "when you have a hammer everything looks like a nail"
      problem. Put down the hammer (iterations) and find the proper tool for the
      job. Mike may need to move the algorithm work into a subproject with a
      more appropriate methodology.

      There are plenty of other methodologies out there. A lot of them worked
      for someone at some point in time for a particular problem. Perhaps their
      problem was similar to Mike's.
      Steven Farlie

      > Does that mean just do not solve this problem or any other problem
      > that you cannot fit into iterations?
      > On 4/30/06, Steven Farlie <steven@...> wrote:
      >> What made agile successful was not that they magically found a silver
      >> bullet to solve all problems. Instead they discarded preconceived
      >> notions
      >> and dogma to experiment with process and find out what works for them
      >> and
      >> what doesn't. It just so happened that a lot of other people had the
      >> same
      >> problems that they did.
      >> My suggestion is that you go the agile way and stop trying to crowbar
      >> this
      >> problem into iterations.
      >> --
      >> Steven Farlie
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