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124RE: [scrumdevelopment] Re: book, "Agile Software Development with Scrum"

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  • Ken Schwaber
    Nov 26, 2001
      <Won't it be hard to create a stable architecture if you don't have
      the end goal in sight? Or it is sufficient to use the information in
      the backlog as a foundation?>

      Emergence of requirements and architecture, and self-organization are
      research topics. Experientially, we know they work and are applicable to
      software development, but the theoretical basis and its connection to
      software development hasn't been made. See two articles that Prentice Hall
      put up on www.informit.com under agile development that I wrote.

      <But doesn't it cause problems if highly skilled and
      experienced engineers recieve the same salary as newly examined
      nitwits? Are the Scrum team persistent? Do they remain the same in several
      projects if they are well-fuinctioning?>

      In the overall performance review, evaluate the team and the individual's
      contributions. Unless disfunction occurs, it's in the team and the
      organization's benefit to keep teams working together, owning products and

      <Quite incompatible with the collective ownership rule of XP :-)>

      The product wasn't using XP, so we felt free to use this rule.
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