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  • Mike Cohn
    Mar 2, 2006
      I'd be nervous about the CTO as product owner unless you sell
      products to CTOs. Normally I'd want the VP of Marketing (which I
      think was the other person you offered as a choice) as the Product
      Owner. The PO needs to understand the market, needs to understand how
      to prioritize features, how to combine features into small but
      desirable feature sets, has to establish and share a vision for the
      product, and so on. The VP of Marketing is almost certainly better at
      those things than the CTO. (Of course, I'm making assumptions there
      about your company does.)

      Mike Cohn
      Agile Estimating and Planning
      User Stories Applied

      On Mar 2, 2006, at 4:42 PM, Alan wrote:

      > Carlton:
      > Thanks for the response. I understand the definition of the product
      > owner. I am not looking for hard-and-fast answers or simple solutions
      > that directly guide the business's practices.
      > Instead, I was hoping for more anecdotal information, such as
      > - At company XXX, had bad luck when the Scrum Master's boss was the
      > Product Owner because it caused a conflict of interests; or
      > - At company YYY, we found that when we were able to find a product
      > owner who had technical skills, our success skyrocketed.
      > I'm no more looking for somebody to tell me how to structure the
      > business than other people are when they ask what the best way to
      > layout the team room is.
      > Alan
      > --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, "banshee858" <cnett858@...>
      > wrote:
      >> I cannot give advice on the best way to structure your business.
      >> Here
      >> is what I know about the product order - they are the single person
      >> responsible for the ROI objectives for the product, responsible for
      >> maintaining & implementing the product vision and are available to
      >> work daily with the Scrum team.
      >> How does that information help you?
      >> Carlton
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