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11771Re: [scrumdevelopment] Product Owner

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  • mpkirby@frontiernet.net
    Mar 2, 2006
      On 2 Mar 2006 at 21:44, Alan wrote:

      > One of them is the CTO of the company.  He is my boss.  The other is
      > the Director of Marketing.  The CTO has more time, but it seems to us
      > that product ownership is a marketing function.
      > What would you suggest?

      If a trade magazine reviewed your product and gave it a bad review, which one of the people
      you mentioned would feel like they were kicked in the gut? Would stay late and figure out a
      new strategy or figure out what features to add to improve your market position.

      Which one would shrug their shoulders and say, better luck next time.

      Pick the one that would stay late. I think you want the visionary. The person thinking about
      not just delivering a product, but taking over a market. That's who you want.


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