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  • Culpepper Rick
    Mar 1, 2006
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      Hello, everyone!

      I am a new member of this forum and am just learning about Scrum and XP.
      I have recently joined this organization, taking over a project that was
      badly off-track.

      I am interested in using both Scrum and XP to revamp our development
      process for a mission-critical internal application. I have one team
      member who has some experience with Scrum and XP who introduced me to
      Scrum. I was already somewhat familiar with XP, but had never used it on
      any projects.

      I need some help getting started and wonder what approaches others have
      used to bootstrap Scrum and/or XP in their organizations. I'm open to
      training or consulting or whatever other means people have used to
      successfully transition to Scrum/XP in other organizations.

      Any help and/or advice that anyone can offer is very welcome.


      Rick Culpepper
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