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11728what benefits can sub tasking bring to developers?

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  • kittys shu
    Feb 28, 2006
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      My current research is to conduct an empirical study on the effect of Scrum.
      After several months' effort, the PM I work with finally agreed to try scrum in his project.
      Since everything just started, there are some questions and issues appearing.
      One of his questions is why do we do sub tasking, why don't we just end with selecting user stories for current iteration? I gave him two points as the answer: 1. sub tasking and time estimation force developers to think thoroughly what they are going to do with the user stories. So, they may find out that some stories that are originally thought feasible become not feasible so that they cannot go into the current iteration. This is good for iteration planning and results.
      2. when we move the tasks to the "completed" list, healthy peer pressure can be achieved.
      However, he thought these two points are more likely for management purpose.
      How can we persuade developers to do this? Or, in other words, what are the big and obvious benefits for them to show their private working steps?

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