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113Agile Alliance Non Profit Organization

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  • Ken Schwaber
    Oct 25 7:51 AM
      During the Agile Alliance meeting at OOPSLA, I volunteered to look
      into forming an Agile Alliance structure within a non profit
      organization. The Agile Alliance non profit organization (aanpo)
      would be formed within the next month or so, and I requested
      everyone's help in commenting on my direction so that I get it right.
      During November, I'll be meeting in Chicago at ObjectMentor with Bob
      Martin and anyone else who has the time to formalize this group.

      Based on discussion to date, my inclinations, the time box set in our
      OOPSLA meeting, the time box set by impending Rational activities,
      and a bias toward agility, I'm including an initial proposal for
      getting aanpo off the ground. I've tried to be as simple as possible,
      but I've still thrown in some details when I think of them. You can
      review the proposal at http://www.controlchaos.com/aanpov2.pdf .

      I'll be including you on the discussions regarding the aanpo. Feel
      free to join in.

      Ken Schwaber