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10960RE: [scrumdevelopment] Re: ScrumMaster same as development manager?

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  • Steven Ropa
    Jan 3, 2006
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      >mpkirby@... wrote:
      >> My experience is similar to Tamara's. We did try to
      >> Scrummaster/Manager thing and it really didnĀ“t work that well.
      >> It would seem to me that in the beginning, the best people
      >to have as
      >> scrum master would be opinion leaders on the team. That may or may
      >> not be the manager. And since one of the principle points behind
      >> scrum is empowering the team, having the manager serve in
      >that capacity tends to associate scrum with a hierarchical
      >command-and-control structure.
      >> Longer term (once scrum is established), I would think it's the
      >> individuals that care the most about the entire deliverable, those
      >> with the best personal relationship with the project
      >manager. Perhaps QA people.
      >> Regarding the burndown, we've tried to take the attitude
      >that the team
      >> owns the burndown, because the team is responsible for the
      >deliverable. Not any specific individual.
      >> Mike
      >Hi Mike and everyone else on this thread
      >Have you found that if the Scrum master is not the development
      >manager, then the development manager has more time to either:
      >(i) do development !
      >(ii) have more people reporting to him/her as line manager?
      >Your experience in this would be interesting
      Hi Daniel!

      My experience may be different from the norm, but here it is anyway.

      I am the Scrum Master and the Dev Manager. I found this to be very helpful at that start for several reasons. One, was that I have the authority to tell (yes, tell) people what they need to do. I agree with what Mike Cohn and others have said that not every team can start out self organizing. It also provides me with enought authority to manage upward, and help my team deal with outside influences/pressures.

      Now that the team is running, and running quite well, I find that my Scrum Master duties are not that large. I have commented more than once that my team doesn't need me anymore, and that's A Good Thing. I have a lot of time available to do development, explore new ideas(Aspects are fascinating me!) and more importantly, I can evangelize to other teams. Because I am an experienced Scrum Master, I have the knowledge to teach better, and because I am a director, I have the institutional recognition that some people require to even sit down and listen.

      So I don't personally see a need to have someone who is not the dev manager to be the Scrum Master, but I think each team needs to decide this based on their own unique circumstances.


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