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10959RE: [scrumdevelopment] Re: ScrumMaster same as development manager?

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  • Mike Dwyer
    Jan 3, 2006
      Again folks, combine the two roles making managers scrum masters. To do
      this organize the daily scrum meeting so that the team (not the scrum
      master) updates the manager after the daily meeting. If the manager has
      more than one team working then the team member - representative - from each
      team all meet with the manager at the same time.

      This may sound like a scrum of scrum meetings. - it is. But more importantly
      it starts to turn over the responsiblilty of a scrum master - 'to plow the
      road' of impediments.

      The scrum master role shifts from driving the scrum process to infusing the
      core of scrum - close communication - into the organization. This allows
      the SM to become a force multiplier.

      It works, too. 6 managers, 2 directors, 3 senior directors, a CIO and a
      COO are now in the loop - every day. The managers have no choice about the
      daily meeting and communicating what happened as their phones start ringing.

      Michael F. Dwyer

      "Planning constantly peers into the future for indications as to where a
      solution may emerge."
      "A Plan is a complex situation, adapting to an emerging solution."

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      mpkirby@... wrote:
      > My experience is similar to Tamara's. We did try to Scrummaster/Manager
      thing and it
      > really didnĀ“t work that well.
      > It would seem to me that in the beginning, the best people to have as
      scrum master would
      > be opinion leaders on the team. That may or may not be the manager. And
      since one of
      > the principle points behind scrum is empowering the team, having the
      manager serve in that
      > capacity tends to associate scrum with a hierarchical command-and-control
      > Longer term (once scrum is established), I would think it's the
      individuals that care the most
      > about the entire deliverable, those with the best personal relationship
      with the project
      > manager. Perhaps QA people.
      > Regarding the burndown, we've tried to take the attitude that the team
      owns the burndown,
      > because the team is responsible for the deliverable. Not any specific
      > Mike

      Hi Mike and everyone else on this thread

      Have you found that if the Scrum master is not the development manager,
      then the development manager has more time to either:
      (i) do development !
      (ii) have more people reporting to him/her as line manager?

      Your experience in this would be interesting



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