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  • jonas.b@home.se
    Oct 15, 2001
      Now I am done with the report about Scrum. It has been really
      interesting to study Scrum. Scrum really have many interesting parts
      and aspects, I must say. So I've ordered the book to see if there are
      more juicy parts of Scrum :-)
      Thanks Ken Schwaber for your terrific answers!

      But I have hard dropping the issue so I will continue with my

      * Doesn't the backlog become very complex? Is there any possibility
      to see how such a "real" backlog is contructed?

      * Where is the critique against Scrum? Everything can't be perfect...

      * In the faq on www.controlchaos.com the third question is about
      failured projects using Scrum. Is there any why of getting
      information about these failures? It would be very interesting!

      Thanks in advance,
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