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10486An Open Source C-based unit testing framework

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  • Ron Morsicato
    Dec 5, 2005
      Agile Rules is pleased to announce C Automated Testing System (CATS) and
      its associated test runner (Catsrunner). This unit testing framework
      provides developers of C-based systems, including embedded systems, the
      capability to use the popular Test Driven Development (TDD) software
      development approach. TDD is gaining widespread appeal because it has a
      proven track record of simultaneously reducing time to market and
      significantly increasing software quality. Unfortunately, until now,
      availability of TDD tools had only benefited those developers who use
      languages that provide object oriented support and reflection, such as
      C# and Java. This has left a significant developer base, including a
      majority of embedded developers, on the outside looking in.

      CATS supports embedded cross-platform development by working in
      conjunction with hardware abstraction layers. Illustrations of this are
      included with the download. CATS also comes with a thin wrapper around
      arm-elf-gdb's host/target communication functions. A reference
      implementation for the ARM-7 CPU core is provided. CATS and Catsrunner
      support the agile embedded techniques described in the paper "Taming the
      Embedded Tiger: Agile Test Techniques for Embedded Software" (get it
      here- http://www.agilerules.com/publications.phtml), which was
      presented by Agile Rules at the Agile Development Conference in 2004.

      CATS and Catsrunner are available as an Open Source tool for Unix and
      Linux environments.

      To download CATS, go to
      http://www.agilerules.com/projects/catsrunner/index.phtml. The link to
      the download is near the bottom of the page. Happy developing!

      Your friends at Agile Rules: www.agilerules.com

      For information on how to acquire TDD technological capability, contact
      us at info@...