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10484Re: [scrumdevelopment] Security in an Agile Project

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  • Paul Hodgetts
    Dec 4, 2005
      John wrote:

      > Does anyone have any suggestions or real-world experience on
      > implementing Application Security Life Cycle in an agile project? It
      > seems like a full security review each sprint is not realistic, and I
      > would be interested in any experiences that you all may have in
      > implementing security in a Scrum and/or XP project.

      I've had some success by implementing some smaller, discrete
      tests that prove certain things about security. For example,
      some of the typical set of log in-cases (multiple tries lock
      out, password has to be X characters) fit here, as well as
      other tests that can be used to show the system is behaving
      in a secure way. Some of these tests poke at components to
      prove they are secure, and feel more like engineering test.

      Of course that's not all there is. I've also worked with
      teams that incorporate some smaller security reviews during
      their iteration cycles. In the best case, they are working
      very collaboratively (e.g., pairing) and the reviews are very
      small and continuous. The security review criteria focus on
      those things that are harder to test for, like the design and
      the way things are coded, and these things become part of the
      check list for the ongoing reviews. The security reviews
      involve those with the security expertise, perhaps pairing
      up with a developer.

      I've seen that many organizations feel the need for a wholly
      separate and independent security audit, and those are hard
      to work into each iteration, so the teams schedule those to
      happen every X iterations, where X is as small as possible,
      and it happens sufficiently before release to have time to
      incorporate the feedback before too much commitment is made.

      I see a parallel here to functional testing -- it is more
      traditionally practiced as a single, large event, and often
      done by a discrete group of people from the core team. Just
      like functional testing, I believe security testing benefits
      in a agile environment from pulling apart and spreading it
      out across time, so that it can be accomplished in a more
      parallel and continuous way, and by pulling the security
      folks into the team so they have the opportunity to do their
      work in smaller, continuous chunks, and to provide their input
      and feedback closer to the development work.

      That kind of touched on it. Let me know if you want more

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