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10412Re: Coaching a developer away from being spoon-fed

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  • Victor Szalvay
    Dec 1, 2005
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      This is a tough situation and no single solution could possibly apply
      to all teams.

      My solution to these problems in the past might be perceived as hard
      line but it's worked for me: just let the team fail the sprint and
      resist the temptation of getting "involved". Nothing shakes the core
      of the team like a very public failure in front of the PO, other
      teams, management, etc.

      Of course this assumes you've explained to them that "things are
      different now" and that ultimately the team itself is responsible for
      the success of the sprint. If they run into problems they should
      voice impediments which they should help each other to solve or
      escalate. Short of unresolved impediments getting in the way, they
      are responsible for success... etc...

      I too have noticed a tendency for some engineers/team members to "not
      believe" that this is a real change and that they are defacto the
      managers of themselves. Some people seem to think, well if it gets
      bad enough some real manager will jump in. To me, the worst thing you
      can do in this situation as a manager is get involved.

      -- Victor Szalvay
      Danube Technologies, Inc.

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      > What if the whole team is struggling with its new empowered status and
      > is failing to become self-organising because everyone has come from a
      > command and control structure?
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      > > What techniques have people successfully employed to encourage a
      > > developer to be more responsible and decisive and to be a proactive
      > > part of an emerging self-organising team, when he has become used to
      > > and comfortable with being spoon-fed by a project manager in a command
      > > and control environment?
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