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Re: When a sprint has been canceled...

Cancelling is a bit of a loose term and we all need to understand what you mean by it; please clarify. I will give you my take; it may not be what you mean but
Jul 30

Re: When a sprint has been canceled...

If the team canceled the sprint there would be nothing to Review (Demo) correct? It’s all lost, reverted in the source control. However it is VERY
David Koontz
Jul 30

When a sprint has been canceled...

Hi, I'm wondering what ceremonies have still to take place once a sprint has been canceled and Scrum Guide has very little guidance on this. Should Spint
Jul 30

Re: video showing swarming

Mob programming is Swarming with the dial set to 11… try Woody Zuill’s blog or twitter stream for videos / presentation on Mob programming ... Mob
David Koontz
Jul 27

Re: video showing swarming [1 Attachment]

Little concerned abt using someone else's proprietary material . . . Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE DROID
Jean Richardson
Jul 27
Jean Richardson
Jul 27

Re: video showing swarming

Ooh! That would be nice. There was a fun one created for internal use at Cisco, but it's company proprietary. It was useful as you said to illustrate the idea.
Michael Wollin
Jul 27

Re: video showing swarming

How about Mob Coding? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_pvslS4gEI&feature=youtu.be -Chris ...
Christofer Jennings
Jul 27

video showing swarming

Is anyone aware of a publicly available short video showing a Team's interactions during swarming? I'm coaching a Team on this practice this afternoon, and
    Jean Richardson
    Jul 27
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    User stories as a negotiation between problems and solutions

    What does it mean to work on/implement a user story? You could think of a user story as a problem to be solved. Here are my proposed guidelines on how to think
    Jul 20

    Greetings from Utrecht University

    Dear colleagues, I am sure the majority of you have experience with user stories. My name is Garm Lucassen and I have worked with user stories for about 2 - 3
    Jul 13

    Re: Scrum Sprint Planning - How to run a really good one?

    Eduardo, I also have some Sprint Planning tips you might find useful: http://www.scrumcrazy.com/Supercharge+Your+Sprint+Planning
    Charles Bradley - Professional Scrum Trai
    Jul 10

    Re: Scrum Sprint Planning - How to run a really good one?

    Agree, shorter sprints keep all the team focused more closely. And what a few of you have mentioned - doing pre-planning grooming with a subset. Recently the 3
    Jul 10

    Re: Scrum Sprint Planning - How to run a really good one?

    Yes, and that grooming/pre-planning can be effectively done with a subset of the team members if it results in clear acceptance scenarios that help describe
    George Dinwiddie
    Jul 9

    Re: Scrum Sprint Planning - How to run a really good one?

    That may be why I like mid-sprint grooming sessions. You're essentially doing the grooming/pre-planning with new information you have from the first half of
    Cass Dalton
    Jul 9
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