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Re: Bug Triages You may also want to dive into the free available course material from Cem Kaner's Black-box software testing course. The video material on Lesson 1 in the Bug

Markus Gaertner
1:18 PM

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Re: Bug Triages We use Jira where I work too. I hope one day our process will improve enough that we can throw it away. My point is that throwing it away is a noble goal. The

Adam Sroka
1:11 PM

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Re: Bug Triages Cass, Heh! Your contract and your SCAMPI appraiser may demand an issue tracker, but the phrase "CMMI compliant issue tracker" is an oxymoron. - George On

George Dinwiddie
1:02 PM

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Re: Bug Triages I do agree. Made harder to use cards when client, development, and product ownership are in different countries. The one thing you don't want is 4 different

1:02 PM

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Re: Bug Triages RE: tracking tools: We have to use a CMMI compliant issue tracker to track stories, bugs, etc to meet contractual requirements. But my teams always also use

Cass Dalton
12:58 PM

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Re: Bug Triages Yeah, having too many bugs that aren't bugs is essentially the same problem I was describing with a similar solution. BTW, I don't really recommend having bug

Adam Sroka
12:43 PM

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Re: Agile UX ... [snip] As well as "Agile UX" you should probably be looking around the "Lean UX" label too. The Lean UX stuff grew out of folk applying UXish things in

Adrian Howard
12:41 PM

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Re: Agile UX I think most of the interesting work here is being done under the 'Lean UX' name. Try the book by that name as a starting point:

Wouter Lagerweij
12:31 PM

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Agile UX Agile UX is a topic I've ignored, and that has now come back to bite me. What would be the top references where I can get the world of it? Michael

Michael Wollin
10:30 AM

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Re: Agile in China Michael, I've done a little agile coaching in China. To be honest, the biggest issue was the fact that the US teams looked down on them. In this particular

George Dinwiddie
9:58 AM

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Re: Agile in China Hi Michael, You probably want to talk to the good folks over at Odd-e (Bas Vodde). They have been operating in APAC and China for awhile now.

Tirrell Payton
9:49 AM

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Agile in China Would someone please point me to references concerning agile training, coaching and transformation in China? In particular, I'm interested in what have been

Michael Wollin
9:36 AM

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Re: Bug Triages Hi, There's another reason to do bug triage that hasn't come up yet. It's when you have too many bug reports - but not many actual bugs. This can happen when

Tim Wright
9:11 AM

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Re: Bug Triages If you are doing bug triage you have too many bugs. That is why the comparison to mass casualties is apt. If you have too many bugs there is a flaw in your

Adam Sroka
Feb 25

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Re: Bug Triages FP, ... It is important to distinguish between dogmatism and an experience-based firmly held opinion. Ron Jeffries ronjeffries.com

Ron Jeffries
Feb 25
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