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  • Cliff. Johnston
    Nov 26, 2013
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      OUCH!!!  That is some splinter that you sat on ;-) 

      Sorry to hear about your experience, but you give some great insight to all as a question about buying a Hegner comes up fairly often.  Thank you for sharing.


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      I'll share my experience with the Hegner saws. I am on my second DW788. When the first one quit, I went looking for a used saw and found a Hegner, 5 hours away, for $400. I made the 10 hour round trip and bought the used Hegner. I found it was 20 years old. It was totally original, and lacked some upgrades that are standard on a new saw. First, no matter what I did, the blades all broke just above the bottom blade holder. I bought the new upper arm, which has the tension lever mounted at the front. I also had to replace the connecting rod from the motor flywheel, and bolts. I bought new holders, including the new top holder with thumb screw, to speed up changing from hole to hole. I also installed the flexable blower arm upgrade, and lever lock for the top holder available from Mike's Workshop.  In all, I spent arounf $400 more to upgrade the Hegner. After all that, I still cannot saw for very long without blades breaking just above the bottom holder. Another negative factor is the small size of the table. I like to cut BIG projects, such as the great clocks, and Grandfather clocks, such as John Nelson's Normady Grandfather, and Dirk Boelman's Country Cottage Grandfather. The small table is a real drawback, when you are acustomed to a larger table like the DW788. The Hegner has been a tremendous dissapointment, as nobody wants to use a saw that needs a new blade every 5 minutes. Rhe only thing left to do would be to replace the bottom arm, as that must be where the problem lies. I'm done throwing money at it, and would gladly sell it at a loss. I took the nonfunctioning DW788 to the DW service center in Charlotte. They had an online price of $259 to completely rebuild the 788 and guarantee it for a year. I picked it up 10 days later, and they gave a new 788 with my original table on it, guaranteed it for a year, and charged me $209.00! I was very happy! My regret is that I didn't buy a new Excalibar when I was shopping for a saw. As you can see, I've spent nearly the cost of the Excalibar on a used Hegner that delivers way less than satisfactory performance. Hegner would do well to redisign their saw with a better blade holding system and larger table, flex arm blower to replace their blower which blows the sawdust directly at you, and sealed bearings so their connecting arms don't break, and need periodic lubricating.
         Another word of caution. If you are looking at a Hegner, do not turn it on until you first remove the sheild under the table and lube the bearings with light machine oil. Turning on a Hegner with dry bearings will crack the connecting arm and you'll need to spend $60+ to replace it.

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      While I agree that Hegner is a good saw, I have both a Hegner and a DeWalt in my workshop. The DeWalt is far easier to use than the Hegner. Plus, the DeWalt is much less expensive.

      Tom Sevy in Salt Lake City

      On Mon, Nov 25, 2013 at 9:26 AM, dwssr2 <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      hi,,,i found a 14" hegner for sale,,,single speed,,,does any one have any advice about this?  especially single speed?  would 14" be too small,,,mostly I would be doing small projects.  hope to get some good advice   thanks  dan in PA   

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       hi,,,anyone have a hegner for sale?  thanks  dan in PA 

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      Hi Karl
      Yes a HEGNER is a  great saw I have no doubts. I have used a  Dewalt 788 for a long time and it was a used one also. I  had read  many many articles about the Hegner and I wanted one so bad and thought one day  I would be able to get one. Well I found a good used one and brought it. As soon as I got it home I looked it all over and put in a blade and set the tension and speed   control and just cut some straight lines and some 90 degree corners and it was great smooth and quite.Then I wanted to see how the blade changing was going to be .This is where I RUN INTO a problem it was so hard to put the blade holder  in the little slot and trying to get the blade in the center position of the holder the top and bottom blade holder and then using that small key tool to tighten it. So after a few days I went back to my DEWALT 788 SO MUCH FASTER AN SO EASY. Then I read some more in one of the fretbooks I had and saw a new blade holders for the HEGNER SAWS. So I called HEGNER'S office here in the states and asked about this holder and the lady told me the holder could only be used on the top holder  and the bottom blade holder couldn't  be changed. So I have not been  able to make any changes to blade changing. If HEGNER  would change the blade holders to be like the DEWALT 788 HEGNER would  sell  MORE SAWS.  This is  just my opinion but blade changing is hard for me to do. But HEGNER is still a great saw.Another thing is to buy a new motor you are talking about $650 dollars allot of money for  many  people.   thanks  stan m.
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      Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2013 11:23:52 -0500
      Subject: RE: scrollsawing buying a used scroll saw

      cany go wrong with a Hegnar.

      Karl Taylor

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      Date: Sun, 17 Nov 2013 18:11:35 -0800
      Subject: RE: Re: scrollsawing buying a used scroll saw

       now I am thinking Hegner,,,I should just wait for a good saw/deal thanks  dan in PA 

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      Retired that means your in Arkansas now?
      I think that is what you said a few years back that was where  the retirement farm is.
      That is why I bought before I retired I told my wife I am buying the best while I can knowing retirement was just a few years away.
      But I was wrong with that assessment Germans bought out the company and I was one of many older employees that was sent packing.
      Bad back scheduled for surgery left me with no choice but go with SS disability.
      but I had the saw and been loving it ever since.
      Spiral blades just can say arrgh :)
      But the pieces I am working on do not fit even my 30" what one does for the loved ones hehe
      Take care

      On Monday, October 28, 2013 8:25 AM, stan mashek <KESTAR2@...> wrote:
      Hi Bill
       Yes the EXCALIBUR I guess is the best saw on the market now. I know Steve Good had used the Dewalt 788 for years and now has upgraded to the Excalibur and loves it. I would like to try one but now retired and that's allot of money. So guess I will just using my Dewalt until I can make and sell enough stuff to pay for one. Those spiral blades I don't like them and just go to a small blade size and go slower so far has worked out ok. Do you use the FLYING Dutchman blades? I agree with you anyone that  is thinking about buying a scrollsaw if possible should try them out you can feel the difference right away and which one feels good to you. The changing of the  blades is one very important part to me and cutting smooth.  Tks Stan
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      Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2013 21:17:47 -0700
      Subject: Re: scrollsawing buying a used scroll saw

      yep I would say Stan has given accurate information. Before I retired I decided to buy a new saw while working so I was out to get the best I could buy. Went to the Texas show and there it was a 30" Excalibur, Tried it and then My son in law and I walk up to the DeWalt machine turned it on and then such it off smiled and bought the Excalibur and I can only say pleased as can be every since.
       I recently started a project for my daughter in law that the 30" table is not big enough. I am using spiral blades and can say the saw really does not like the reverse or side cutting action. I have spent a life time working on industrial machinery or many sizes and had learned early in my career to listen to them they talk :) to you.
          I really don't think any machine designed to cut in one direction is not seeing strains on it parts while using the spirals.
        The Ex cuts like its going through butter. Learning the tensioning on it was difficult but now not much of an issue other then the tension knob is 30" in front of you so one has to get up to set tension. Just a really nice saw to cut with. I cut for hours at a time and never have issues from vibration like I did with my 20" Sears and or especially with the 18" Ryobi. Ryobi your hands start numbing out after 30 minutes. the Sears saw I had bolted to a custom table and about an hour had to walk away from it.
        My suggestion is go and try out as many of the brands your interested in and then make your decision.
      Good Luck

      On Tuesday, October 22, 2013 9:47 AM, "chuckflanagan@..." <chuckflanagan@...> wrote:
      I bought a Hawk 22 vs for 400 and have loved it.  I looked at craigslist in my local area and found some used Hegners for 799 but found a new 226 vs for 475.
      From: dwssr2
      Sent: Sunday, October 20, 2013 4:10 AM
      Subject: scrollsawing buying a used scroll saw
      hi,,,i  have a little experience with an old delta homecraft scroll saw, it works fine for some very simple projects, but I don't think I could begin to do fine work especially inside cuts.  I am sure this was discussed before but this new group format makes it hard to search old post.  would a used rbi scroll saw be worth buying?  say for $400 or less?  also what about the hegner look a likes?  any other manufactures recommended?  thank you dan in PA 

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