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21100Re: scrollsawing buying a used scroll saw

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  • Don Richardson
    Oct 22, 2013
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      I just read Stan's response and he has hit the nail on the head. His raveningly high praise of the DeWalt 788 is anything but exaggerated, it is "Right On". I had a 16" Sears machine which provided a great exercise program. Whenever I turned it on, I chased it around the shop. I won't re-describe the 788 as Stan has done a great job, but there may be another source for this wonderful tool. There is a DeWalt 788R model and the R indicates a factory reconditioned machine. Look at the DeWalt site or on Google. I am convinced that DeWalt takes an extra measure with these "R" models and, in the check out, ensures that their condition and precision is perfect. There's more; you get a brand new warrantee, all the manuals, it looks and feels brand new and you'll pay at least $100 less.
      Don Richardson
      Pearland Texas

      From: stan mashek <KESTAR2@...>
      To: TOM <scrollsawing@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Monday, October 21, 2013 7:25 PM
      Subject: RE: scrollsawing buying a used scroll saw

       Hi there
      I received your email and hope this helps you. I have been scrolling for several years and started with a  DREMEL I brought for $99.00 dollars and two speeds fast and slower. I used for several years and worked on simple things and very few things that had inside cuts. Also changing blades I had to use a allen wrench and brought my blades at Walmart and other hardware stores and thought this was the best. Then I  found a website on my computer STEVE GOODS SCROLLSAWING and started watch and reading everything I could on scrollsawing. Later I found RICK HUTCHINSON Website and he had so much information on all types of saws and how to buy and how to fix the most common problems. So I sold as many projects as I could and at that time I made routed wooden signs and finally saved enough money to buy a  DEWALT 788 SAW off GRAIGS LIST for $300.00 the regular price for a new one was around 500 dollars out of my price range for sure. This is the same saw STEVE GOOD USES. The first time I sit down at my DEWALT 788 it was fantastic and cut so smooth and adjustable speed and easy to adjust the tension was great. The blades that Steve Good uses are FLYING DUTCHMAN blades and I had ordered some of them a number 2 -5-7 size blades. When I put the number 5 blade in and cut  it was just amazing how good it cut and how smooth and no vibration at all. I was so proud of my saw and thankful I found STEVE GOOD'S AND RICK HUTCHINSON website. I later brought a use HEGNER 18 USED off Graigs list and over the years had read that Hegner was the top of the line saws and I just had to try one to see how much better it was than my Dewalt. I have to tell you I would not every buy a HEGNER the blades are hard to change and have to have a tool and the tension adjustment in the very back of the saw and the tables are small and I would not trade my DEWALT FOR  A BRAND NEW HEGNER. I gave 200 dollars for this old Hegner. I never use it. You can shop around and  buy a Dewalt 788 and you will not be sorry for sure  just a great saw. The next best saw is the EXCAIBER STEVE GOOD JUST UPGRADED TO THIS SAW..  You can get a used DEWALT FOR 200 TO 300 DOLLARS just shop around. CHECK OUT THESE WEBSITE BEFORE YOU BUY OK. THE KNOCK OFF'S OF HEGNER ARE NOT ANY GOOD A FRIEND OF MINE BROUGHT ONE FOR 65 DOLLARS LIKE NEW A PIECE OF JUNK. I hope this helps you and if I can be of any help please email me at shomaker1@...
                                                                                                               Best regards
                                                                                                                      stan m.

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      Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2013 04:10:21 -0700
      Subject: scrollsawing buying a used scroll saw


      hi,,,i  have a little experience with an old delta homecraft scroll saw, it works fine for some very simple projects, but I don't think I could begin to do fine work especially inside cuts.  I am sure this was discussed before but this new group format makes it hard to search old post.  would a used rbi scroll saw be worth buying?  say for $400 or less?  also what about the hegner look a likes?  any other manufactures recommended?  thank you dan in PA 

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