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Seeking Journalists/Consultants to join Financial Research Firm

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  • jackploni
    Seeking Star Journalists/Research Associate Our Firm Nitron Advisors provides institutional investors with access to frontline industry experts. Our business
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 14, 2005
      Seeking Star Journalists/Research Associate

      Our Firm
      Nitron Advisors provides institutional investors with access to
      frontline industry experts. Our business model is a mix of the
      independent securities research industry and executive recruiting.
      We connect our clients with the world's foremost experts on the
      economic trends, market dynamics, and industry operations that affect
      the companies in which our clients invest. For more information,
      please see www.NitronAdvisors.com.

      Your New Job

      Research Associates and Vice Presidents are responsible for sourcing
      and recruiting experts from top-tier academic institutions and from
      America's leading companies to consult for Nitron Advisors. Research
      Associates have access to Nitron's proprietary research and
      communication strategies to target and establish connections with
      these highly influential thought leaders and business professionals.
      Associates learn how investment managers leverage primary research to
      make better decisions. Responsibilities include:
      + Work with Nitron's client base, including hedge funds, mutual
      funds, banks, venture capital firms, and private equity funds.
      + Attract financial industry leaders and academics into Nitron
      Advisors' Circle of Experts.
      + Develop and execute Nitron's recruiting strategy.
      + Effectively market Nitron's unique proprietary business model.
      + Develop and manage multiple client relationships.
      + Based in New York headquarters.

      Qualifications and experience

      The ideal candidate has 0-5 years post-college experience in
      consulting, journalism, executive recruiting, research, and/or
      investment banking, with knowledge of the information used by
      institutional investors. We particularly value strong relationships
      with investment firms and industry professionals. Exact job title
      and compensation depend on experience.

      + Strong grasp of research in a fast-paced environment and
      exceptional attention to detail.
      + Phone communication skills.
      + Strong interpersonal/networking communication skills.
      + Strong writing, editing, and presentation skills.
      + Excellent client-relationship skills.
      + Debate, theatre, journalism, and public speaking experience
      are useful.
      + Highly proficient on PC's including Microsoft Word, Excel,
      Outlook and Power Point.
      + GPA above 3.5.

      Your Future

      Nitron Advisors is a fast-growing firm in a fast-growing segment of
      the securities research industry. At Nitron, we cultivate an
      entrepreneurial atmosphere in which each member of the Nitron team
      holds significant responsibility.

      Compensation: we offer a competitive salary based on experience.

      Please include the following with your resume and cover letter:

      + Writing sample (e.g., a memo from work or a paper from school)
      + Salary expectations and history (including commission
      and/or bonus if any)
      + Confirmation that you have the legal right to work in the
      + Confirmation that you are not under competitive restrictions with
      present or past employers

      Please send your resume and cover letter to
      careers@... with "Research Associate" in your subject
      line. Contact via e-mail only.
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