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Re: Monthly Group Rides

Chris, there has not been a ride in years and if you live near Ventura County you might want to check out the Cal Coast Riders who I ride with a lot-
Ojai Roy
Jan 6

Monthly Group Rides

Are there any scheduled rides coming up soon? Chris Barnes Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android
Christopher Barnes
Jan 6

Choke cable: The last project left to complete

Hey everyone. I have a couple questions about the PC choke cable. My choke works fine but the plastic threads that are used to tighten its mounting position on
Christopher Barnes
Jan 1

The advice worked

Well today I got my 89 PC running thanks to the advice I received here. Thanks to everyone who helped. After years in the garage stored with a full tank of
Christopher Barnes
Jan 1

Re: Need help with servicing my PC800

How close are you to the Santa Ana Zoo? Try JBJ Cycles, they have very good mechanics that know Hondas. https://www.jbjcycles.com
Ojai Roy
Dec 28, 2016

Re: Need help with servicing my PC800

I just sold my 1995 black PC800 a month ago for $2,500. And I missed it already. It was a great bike but I rarely ride it, just 1,000 miles each year. You may
Dec 28, 2016

Need help with servicing my PC800

Hi everyone. My name is Chris Barnes and I I live in Anaheim. I am a new member (joined today) to the group and am really excited to join a group of
Christopher Barnes
Dec 28, 2016


Sorry about that last post; the user (most likely) is unaware that his Email account was used to post. I removed his posting privs :-).
Apr 7, 2015


hello, http://marnafootwear.com/aneqrj/dvgmkmxwhhdtxpjtv.afxahnqutqhcqglpraq
Apr 7, 2015


Hi i just wanted to see if there is anyone in the north county area That would like to ride  Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android Hi i just wanted to see if there
kris bonser
Feb 10, 2015

Sorry for the spam

The message has been deleted, and the poster is now moderated...
Apr 19, 2014

A Motorcycle that Can Change the Industry !

 take a look at this, the future of MC maybe in this video/youtube. very cool 2 wheeler. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mU-NGPOOMVM walrus AN400 K5 Blue
Feb 26, 2014

Re: Where do I hook up jumper cables?

Oh forgot: If you must go NEGATIVE to NEGATIVE, lay a large towel across the battery, folded in half. This will help if she explodes. ... -- *After all the
Jay Jacobs
Oct 16, 2013

'89 PC with replacement engine available

After seeing these latest announcements about PC's for sale, I was inspired to add mine to the list. I have an '89 PC in good condition with the exception of
Oct 16, 2013

I have two PC800, one is an 89, the other is an 97

I have an 89 that got rear ended, I purchased it and found parts on ebay. You couldn't see any damage on the PC but when I started getting into the saddle bag
Oct 15, 2013
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