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BSA LMS System

We're still NEEDED John; bad news is the computer NEVER talks back to answer questions you may have, ha!!   And OLSC is still required as IN PERSON training
A. Dukovic
3:21 PM

New file uploaded to scouter_t

All or anyone - Getting plugged back into this group. I cannot access the file at the URL below, believe it is a Yahoo permissions issue. I used to be able to
Scott Smith
Mar 15

NYLT Training Video Presentations

Ok I'll try that too but again please, this is not just a simple video but similar to powerpoint in a bizarre "word" format that combines videos with slides
A. Dukovic
Mar 5

Venture Leader Training

Yeah, Jon, we offer the P21/WS12 combined training as the syllabi allows, but there is no combined BSA trained code. At least after you enter the first code,
Mark Ellis
Feb 25

Training Expirations

Here's what was current as of March 10, 2014. I have it on a spreadsheet. *Training Recertification* *Last updated: March 10, 2014* Course *Code* *Course
Paul Yelk
Feb 17
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