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Re: Troop Venture Patrol

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  • tomtribble
    Ryan: You are entirely correct about mixing the VenturE and VenturING models. At the time we designed our program, VenturING was new, and we didn t have the
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      You are entirely correct about mixing the VenturE and VenturING
      models. At the time we designed our program, VenturING was new, and
      we didn't have the maturity to stick to any one program nomenclature.

      But, regardless of the lapse of terminology, we definitely were not
      trying to be a Venture Crew. We adapted some of the ideas and
      terminology (like calling the ASM an "Advisor)," but we always had in
      mind melding the venture patrol within the framework of the troop.
      We were very conscious of the potential conflicts and competition for
      scarce resources.

      All in all, our program went well (past tense), and we are now in our
      second round of venture patrol implementation. We found that we had
      a "bubble" of 10 or so Life Scouts who were losing interest in the
      Troop activities, and that we needed to retain these young men.
      Hence our venture patrol idea. The patrol flourished for about 3
      years, then we had the opposite situation – we had very few mature
      Scouts for over a year. The patrol went into decline. Right now, we
      are experiencing a resurgence in interest as we have about 6 boys of
      Life rank, eager to explore new activities.

      One of our main focuses was in instilling the idea of "service" into
      the venture patrol. From the beginning, we made it clear to the
      venture patrol that one of their responsibilities was to conduct
      Junior Leader Training (at that time) for the Troop. This went very
      well. The boys looked at this requirement as a means of "paying" for
      their additional outing experiences. Also, several of the boys were
      SPL and/or ASPL's who had attended NYLT, so this part was easy for

      On the down side, we found it extremely difficult to get the boys to
      stand up to the logistics side of the equation. In our troop, the
      ASM's and parents take care of the driving, money collection, permit
      creation, health forms, etc. We wanted the venture guys to take on
      some of this (similar to what happens in a venture crew). But,
      sadly, this just didn't happen. I don't know whether the boys
      weren't ready of these additional tasks, were too busy with sports
      and such, or that the adults "spoiled" them in the process of
      supporting the overall Troop activities.

      Also we found that when the boys graduated from high school and went
      off to college, this left a "hole" which was hard to fill in the
      ranks. Eventually, most of the boys went off to school, and we had
      to downplay the venture patrol idea for a while. Happily, we're back
      again with round 2 – new set of boys and a new set of dads and moms.

      Well, that's about all off the top of my head. I hope you have great
      experiences with your venture patrol guys, and I would be happy to
      hear about any of your "ups and downs" as well.


      ASM and Venture Advisor, Troop 216, Lionville PA


      --- In scouter_t@yahoogroups.com, "Ryan" <rd_lancaster@...> wrote:
      > Tom,
      > Thank you for sharing what your Troop does. Are you the ASM for the
      > venture patrol? I notice your presentation is dated 2003. Has your
      > troop maintained a venture patrol since then? What have you learned
      > or changed since 2003? I'd love to hear more about the successes
      > struggles your venture patrol has experienced.
      > I was impressed with your presentation. One inconsistency that I
      > observed was that you seem to mix VenturING with your VenturE patrol
      > in places. You call the venture ASM an "Advisor" (a VenturING term)
      > and state that the "Advisors" will attend VenturING Leader specific
      > training. In those two instances you are mixing programs and I'm
      > sure that is the intention of either the VenturE patrol in a Boy
      > Troop or a separate VenturING crew.
      > Ryan
      > Meridian, ID
      > Ore-Ida Council
      > --- In scouter_t@yahoogroups.com, "tomtribble" <Tom@> wrote:
      > >
      > > All: I just posted a PPT presentation that describes our Troop's
      > > Venture Patrol design. Each troop will have its own ideas --
      these are
      > > ours. (File name is Venture Youth.ppt in the Files section)
      > >
      > > Tom Tribble, ASM
      > > Troop 216, Lionville, PA
      > >
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