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Fwd: BSA LNT Masters courses for '09

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  • Jim & Chris Rooney
    Forwarded at the request of Charlie Thorpe. Please contact him directly if you have questions about the BSA LNT Masters Program. ... Jim Rooney, ACM - Pack 841
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2009
      Forwarded at the request of Charlie Thorpe. Please contact him directly if you have questions about the BSA LNT Masters Program.

      Jim Rooney, ACM - Pack 841 (ASM, Troop 868), Parker CO
      (I used to be a Bobwhite...)

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      Subject: BSA LNT Masters courses for '09

      Hello All -

      The article in Scouting Magazine which lists the BSA Masters courses
      should be on your coffee table by now (I don't have mine yet, but
      mine is always late for some reason). The ME course info in the Jan-
      Feb 09 issue of Scouting Mag


      is the best we had at the cutoff deadline of mid-Oct set by the mag
      staff (Frank Rreigelman was able to get some of the changes into the
      article after that, but not all). We are actually looking at a total
      of 19 courses spread all around the country instead of the 15 listed
      in the article. One of the courses is for Philmont staff and the
      other 18 are set up for any/all vol/pro Scouters and older Scouting
      youth age 18 and up. Many of these courses are hoping to "double"
      into two courses with different field experiences if registrations

      The Scouting Mag article lists being a LNT Trainer as a prerequisite
      for a Masters course, but that is a future requirement that is not
      currently in place. WAY too few of our Scouters have yet had a
      realistic opportunity to take a weekend LNT Trainer course - this
      prerequisite has been relaxed for our initial BSA LNT ME rollout ('06
      thru '09) to make it possible for us to reach our goal of having a
      LNT Master Educator (or better yet, a small team) in place as a
      resource for every Council by our 100th anniversary year. Extra time
      is taken during our rollout ME courses to provide the extra
      curriculum needed to start a participant from "LNT scratch".

      Don Gale (long-time Scouting LNT'er) has graciously offered to post
      info on each of these courses on his nice ROAR website as he did for
      our '08 lineup:


      Now that the changes are starting to settle down, we will be asking
      the Course Coordinators for each of our Masters courses to provide
      updated info to Don as they get deeper into their detail planning and
      more info becomes available.

      Most of our Masters courses have a minimum of 6 registered
      participants and a max of 12. A few of the courses will have
      different size restrictions due to space or group-size limitations -
      this kind of detailed info will be posted on Don's ROAR website. All
      of the host Councils will be working on budgets in Jan if they
      haven't done so already - the course fee can be set and publicized
      once a budget has been approved by the host Council. We ask our host
      Councils to try HARD to keep the fee in line with local Wood Badge,
      PowderHorn, and other week long Council-level courses.

      I will highlight our '09 BSA LNT Master Educator courses in this
      email and will later post major changes (dates, locations, etc.) when
      all of them have their major planning in place. The courses are
      listed in chronological order by start date:

      Dates; host Council;
      location(s); field experience(s)

      Jan/Feb; Puerto Rico Council (PR);
      Camp Guajataka, El Yunque NF; backpacking, rainforest
      ***course postponed, new date TBD***

      Mar 20-22, 26-29; Okeefenokee Area (GA);
      Camp Tolochee; sea kayaking

      Mar 22-27; Oregon Trails (OR);
      Cascade Mountains; snow/winter camping

      Apr 3-5, 24-26; Northeast Region National Camp School (MA);
      Camp Resolute (Knox Trail Council), AT; backpacking
      ***Application not received (info may change)***

      Apr 12-18; Utah National Parks (UT);
      Entrada HAB; Scouting frontcountry, mountain biking

      Apr 17-19, May 1-4; Quapaw Area (AR);
      Blass SR, Buffalo NSR; canoeing, Scouting frontcountry

      May 17-21; Philmont Staff (NM);
      Camping HQ, Philmont backcountry; backpacking

      Jun 7-12; Black Hills Area (SD);
      Medicine Mountain SR; backpacking, Scouting frontcountry

      Jun 7-12; Midnight Sun (AK);
      Northern Lights HAB; canoeing, Scouting frontcountry

      Jul 17-19, 24-27; Mid-Iowa (IA);
      Camp Mitigwa; backpacking, Scouting frontcountry

      Aug 21-26; Northern Tier HAB (MN);
      Boundary Waters Canoe Area; wilderness paddling

      Aug 23-28; Chief Seattle (WA);
      Camp Sheppard, Mt. Rainier NP; mountaineering, Scouting frontcountry

      Sep 23-28; Golden Spread Council (TX);
      Camp Don Harrington; horsepacking, Scouting frontcountry

      Sep 25-27, Oct 9-11; Caddo Area (TX);
      Camp Pioneer, Ouachita NF; backpacking, Scouting frontcountry

      Oct 2-4, 9-11; Clinton Valley ((MI);
      Camp Lost Lake; backpacking, Scouting frontcountry

      Oct 2-4, 9-12; Twin Rivers (NY);
      Camp Wakpominee; backpacking, Scouting frontcountry
      ***Application not received (info may change)***

      Oct 5-10; Philmont Autumn Adventure (NM);
      backcountry, Zastro; backpacking, Scouting frontcountry

      Oct 10-16; Western LA County (CA);
      Camp Emerald Bay, Catalina Is.; sea kayaking, Scouting frontcountry

      Fall; Five Rivers (CT);
      ***Application not received (info will change)***

      This will be a fun year for BSA LNT Masters courses...we could
      possibly end up with as many as two dozen courses in '09 if
      everything breaks exactly right! Gotta admit that all of this
      "breaking exactly right" magic hasn't happened yet in our rollout,
      but I can always hope <VBG>.

      We have made a major effort to provide these important Masters
      courses in areas which have not yet had access to a convenient BSA
      LNT ME course. We realize that "convenient driving range" means VERY
      different things in different parts of our country (!), but we are
      moving our local Council courses around each year to try to
      eventually provide one within 2 to 4 hours driving range of our key
      Scouters who can go back to their home Council and effectively
      conduct weekend LNT Trainer courses.

      Each course hosted by a local Council is expected to provide training
      slots for a small team of Scouters (and older Scouting youth age 18
      and up) from that and all surrounding Councils - we will very likely
      never be able to offer these courses in every Council. All Scouters
      are welcome at all listed BSA ME courses and national adventure bases
      courses are our "wildcards" which are set up specifically to be for
      all Scouters from everywhere. Our national goal is to have at least
      one LNT Master in every Council (small team is preferred) so that
      these key outdoor trainers can train/maintain at least one LNT
      Trainer in every District (small team is preferred) and on every
      summer camp staff. We are shooting for as much as possible of this
      to be in place to support the new T-2-1 LNT rank requirements in the
      new Boy Scout Handbook coming out before our centenary.

      We have also made a big effort to provide a much wider range of field
      experiences, from backpacking to paddling to mountaineering to
      mountain biking to horsepacking to Scouting frontcountry. All LNT ME
      courses everywhere teach the entire ME curriculum from the ME
      Handbook as a contract requirement (BSA included) and all Masters
      (BSA Masters included) are expected to share their LNT training/
      experience with everybody who can benefit from it (both in and out of
      BSA). The BSA LNT Task Force is actively working with the LNT
      Center's Educational Review Committee to provide format options and
      additional curriculum content (both formal sessions and experiential)
      in our BSA ME courses to help our BSA Masters hit the ground running
      in a BSA setting.

      Shout if you have any questions about any of the courses!

      Trace No Leaves,

      - Charlie

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