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Re: [Scouter_T] On line sylabus/District Chairman Nomination and Election

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  • Don Wilson
    What you are looking for if the District Nominating Committee Worksheet . (#33157C) Your DE should have one on had at all times. There is also a video (No.
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 1, 2008
      What you are looking for if the "District Nominating Committee
      Worksheet". (#33157C) Your DE should have one on had at all times.
      There is also a video (No. AV-06V006).

      Basically, the Nominating Committee meets to evaluate current Members
      at Large, to insure that they wish to remain on the Dist5ict
      Committee. The nominating Committee then accepts nominations from
      the members of the district, studies their qualifications, and if
      approved, makes contact to insure that they would accept their

      During this process the Nominating Committee is evaluating each
      current member and each new member to insure that "An individual of
      character recognized in the community as outstanding because of
      achievements as a leader, with executive recruiting and organizing
      ability that will inspire confidence and win support and cooperation
      for Scouting. This individual should be acceptable to the business
      leaders, the educators, and the religious leadership of the
      community" is determined. The Nominating Committee makes contact and
      interviews the possible candidate for Chairman.

      At the District Annual Meeting (held within 30 days of the Council
      Annual Business Meeting) the standing Chainman turns the meeting over
      to the Nominating Committee Chairman or his designate. The
      Nominating Committee's presents nominees for district members at
      large, calls for a motion, second and vote. Nominations from the
      floor are not accepted.

      The Nominating Committee chair or designate will then present the
      committee's nominees for district chairman and vice-chairmen; calls
      for a motion, second, and vote.

      The District Commissioner is to be an elected member at large, but is
      offered for appointment and approval by the council executive board.

      If any portion of the Nominating Committee's report is rejected, this
      portion must be reintroduced at a special or adjourned or recessed
      meeting of the district committee to be held within 30 days of the
      present meeting.

      In the event that a resolution is still not obtaines, the matter will
      be referred to the council president and/or executive board for the
      final resolution.

      That about covers the high points, but a firm understanding of the
      process is necessary for it to be successful.

      Don Wilson
      OHC 427

      -- Success is not the destination, it is the journey.
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