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Re: [Scouter_T] CSLST corrections

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  • Gregory Olgin
    Darlene, According to the Den Chief Training Conference manual, Den Chiefs can be found in a Tiger Den  as well as all of the others.  Don t forget to
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 12, 2008
      According to the Den Chief Training Conference manual, Den Chiefs can be found in a Tiger Den  as well as all of the others.  Don't forget to include females as part of the Venturing Crews can also hold this leadership position as well.
      Greg Olgin
      Den Chief Training Chair,
      Great Frontier District, Heart of Ohio Council, Ashland, OH

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      From: Darlene Scheffler <djstokes@...>
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      Sent: Tuesday, August 12, 2008 11:42:27 AM
      Subject: [Scouter_T] CSLST corrections

      Below are some corrections we have found for the new CSLST. Anyone found any others?

      Intro to Cub Scouting
      Slide missing - Bobcat requirement 8 is not mentioned (protecting child from abuse)

      How We Have Fun
      Slide 37 - Org chart is wrong - Tigers do not have den chiefs
      Slide 38 - should add Roundtable as a support

      Tiger Cub
      Slide 56 - Tiger Cubs do not have den chiefs
      Slide 76 - Immediate recognition emblem (first recognition received) should come Before Bobcat badge (first badge received not the first recognition)
      Slide 78 - There is no Tiger Cub motto, should be Cub Scout motto
      Slide 84 - parents are required to attend all meetings and activities

      Den Leader
      Slide 89 - Shared Leadership is a Tiger concept (although it is a good idea to continue)
      Slide 91 - Add attend Roundtable
      Slide 109 - boys may work on Arrow Points at any time, but Arrow Points may not be presented until the Wolf badge is completed.
      Slide 116 - Varsity Scouts may also be den chiefs

      Webelos Leader
      Slide 124 - should add attend Roundtable
      Slide 126 - family chooses tan or blue uniform, not the den
      Slide 132 - Boy Scout skills are not taught in Webelos (see age-appropriate guidelines)
      Slide 144 - compass points are not an option that packs may choose to award
      Slide 146 - should state "six months since completing the fourth grade or becoming 10 years old"
      Slide 146 - campout is not required for Arrow of Light (other outdoor activities may be used)
      Slide 153 - Varsity Scouts may be den chiefs

      Slide 160 - Org chart is wrong - Tiger Cubs do not have den chiefs
      Slide 161 - CM shoud work with the pack committee to coordinate membership, recruiting and retntion. These are joint responsibilities
      Slide 161 - add attend Roundtable
      Slide 162 - add attend Roundtable

      Pack Committee
      Slide 194 - Org chart is wrong - Tiger Cubs do not have den chiefs
      Slide 203 - Outing Chair is not required to be BALOO trained - just to have a BALOO trained person attend pack campouts
      Slide 204 - Recruiting should be year-round
      Slide 219 - Link to pack budget is wrong - should be http://www.scouting .org/CubScouts/ resources/ packbudget. aspx
      Slide 221 - Confusing slide
      - community does not provide funds to unit (should go to FOS)
      - registration is not really earned income since most of the money goes to National/Council
      - packs have money-earning projects not fundraisers

      Pack Trainer (haven't worked on this one yet)

      Aims of Cub Scouting - these are aims of Scouting, not Cub Scouting
      Bobcat Badge - Blue and Gold colors are not a requirement
      Bobcat Badge - requirement 8 (protecting child from abuse) is missing

      General Error
      Boys' Life is the correct spelling (not Boy's Life)

      Additions needed
      The "Training slide" should be added to all the breakouts except the Tiger breakout since this should be mentioned yearly.
      Tour Permits should be emphasized in Webelos, Pack Committee, and Cubmaster
      Webelos - mention Webelos Scout Overnight Checklist - www.scouting. org/filestore/ pdf/34-50. pdf
      Cubmaster - add Pack Overnighter Site Approval Form - http://www.scouting .org/filestore/ pdf/34-65. pdf

      I made handouts for the training. Feel free to copy (just please send my any corrections you may find): www.boyscouters. org/trainers

      Has anyone made a Local Resource Worksheet yet?


      Darlene Scheffler

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