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    As a former District Training Chair (phew!! who will probably become District Commissioner [what am I thinking?!]), I can say that Pack Trainers in my
    Message 1 of 28 , Jul 29, 2008
      As a former District Training Chair (phew!! who will probably become District Commissioner [what am I thinking?!]), I can say that Pack Trainers in my district (and council) vary from non-existant -- some packs have a hard enough time to get committee members, let alone fill Pack Trainer position; to paperwork only (still a BIG help to the pack keeping track of training, etc. for Training Knots); to active trainers.

      *MY* active trainers have attended trainer development conference, and teach the syllabus. They know the importance of the rules and regulations as set forth by the BSA. Now, before they began teaching to their pack (or others) on their own, I did sit in on several trainings with them, until we both felt comfortable with them teaching the material.

      That being said, my *active* Pack Trainers, were all experienced Scouters. Those who have boys in the Troop already, but are helping out in the Pack -- either because they have a younger son coming up through, or because they enjoy being the 'liaison' between the Pack and the Troop. They are generally active on the Training Team, and teach more than just FS, NLE and CSLST. They're often on University of Scouting/Cub College/Pow Wow staff ... they teach merit badges ... they serve on staff for various scouting events.

      BUT, I always encourage the paper-only people, who have also attended TDC, to come and join the training team. They have been 'secondary' to a lead trainer, they have helped with registration, they have helped staff various events (Cub-o-Ree, Cub Day Camp, etc.) ... they *are* trainers. But, most don't feel that they can 'teach' adults -- they feel more comfortable teaching the boys ... and, you know what, that's perfectly fine with me.

      Public Speaking is the number one fear. Not everyone can step out of the box and teach. I know there's several people on the list who know me ... who have either taught me, or been taught by me. Would any of *you* believe that I still have issues every time I get up to address a training course? I normally just take a deep breath, and plunge right in. (And, sometimes I picture you all as 8-year old kids. ;) )

      Usually, when I need to 'jump' in, I wait until everyone has played the "Hello Ball" game (pass the ball around: thank the person you received the ball from, say your name, and hi, to the next person you toss the ball on to) .... I generally wait until someone I know has the ball, signal them to toss it to me, and then step into the center of the ring, spinning and saying 'I'm the center of attention!' It usually breaks the tension, gets a laugh, and that relaxes me a bit. I also use the ball at that point to explain this is the 'talking ball' the person who has the ball is the person who should be talking.' It's a great 'first lesson' of the day.

      But, I digress .... Public Speaking is the number one fear. I can see the Pack Trainer position being filled by a less experienced leader. And, just because the requirements for the KNOT say that you must have training, that doesn't mean that the Pack Trainer *has* to do those requirements. And, just because there's a knot ... doesn't mean that's going to inspire someone to earn it. I can think of positions I held without ever getting the associated training knot -- for various reasons (generally tenure because I was asked to take a 'more important to the pack/troop/district' position).

      I'd expect to see a revision of the requirements to be a Pack Trainer ... move some of the knot requirements to the 'to be qualified to be a Pack Trainer' spot. And, if we all voice our opinions to National about this ... we can be proponents of change. ;)

      Just my $0.02.

      -- I used to be a Beaver .... NE-IV-181
      -- I used to be a Staffer ... NE-IV-208
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