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Re: Question on Tenderfoot new item

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  • Ken
    Don, et. al., I may have sounded a little hash in my last post, but in this case, it is over 7 months since the new requirements went into effect. I remember
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      Don, et. al.,

      I may have sounded a little hash in my last post, but in this case, it
      is over 7 months since the new requirements went into effect. I
      remember having major changes in the whole advancement program when I
      was a Scout. I know the frustration of going back and redoing the
      requirements for Tenderfoot and Second Class so that I could earn
      Second Class.

      I agree with the comments that we should not penalize the Scout for an
      adults mistake, but at the same time we need to teach our Scouts that
      we should always do things right. You also don't want other Scouts to
      feel like this one did not earn his Tenderfoot since he did not have
      to complete all of the requirements.

      One of the responsibilities of a Board of Review is to review the
      Scout's record and ensure they have completed all of the requirements.
      If they are aware that a Scout has not completed all of the
      requirements beforehand, they should not convene the Board. In the
      case presented, it appeared that the Troop had not held the Board yet,
      when Carol made the original post. My guess is that when the Troop
      did a review of the records, they noticed the missing requirements.

      I thoroughly agree that we do not want to discourage this young Scout,
      but in this case, as in most, the solution for the Troop is very easy,
      as the material is available on the BSA web site. Have the
      Scoutmaster meet with the Scout right before presenting him for his
      Board, ensure that the Scout knows the information, sign off, update
      the Scoutmaster Conference date, then present the Scout for his Board.

      Have a great week,

      --- In scouter_t@yahoogroups.com, "Don Wilson" <don-wilson@...> wrote:
      > However, I cannot agree about what action should be taken if the
      > Board of Review discovers that a new or updated requirement had not
      > been accomplished. The problem is not of the boy's making, and he
      > should not be overly penalized. The Scoutmaster insures that every
      > requirement has been completed as part of the Scoutmaster's
      > Conference. If the Scoutmaster is not aware of the change, then the
      > Advancement Chairman of the Committee should insure that all updates
      > have been brought to the attention of the Scoutmaster. Tenderfoot,
      > being the first rank that requires a Board of Review, is the one that
      > scares the Scout the most. I would expect a scout rejected under
      > such circumstances would have such a bitter disappoint that he would
      > not return. And, to continue as the Devil's Advocate, if the
      > Handbook is completed, and the Scoutmaster has attested that the
      > applicant has met all requirements, just how did the Board of Review
      > determine that there was an error? The Scout is not tested at the
      > Board of Review. The information that the Board seeks is how the
      > Scout is dealing with the program, how much fun they are having,
      > general learning, and when to be expected to be again before the
      > Board for advancement to Second Class.
      > Bottom line, I would not want to punish the Scout for something that
      > one or more adult leaders should be responsible.
      > Don Wilson
      > OHC 427
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