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  • Ken King
    John: Your question, I would like to know your thoughts [regarding NAYLE/NJLIC]? Thanks! is fairly broad, so I will try to craft a few specific answers based
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      Your question, "I would like to know your thoughts [regarding NAYLE/NJLIC]? Thanks!" is fairly broad, so I will try to craft a few specific answers based on my interaction with the programs.   My background:  I was a course scoutmaster during the last three seasons that NJLIC was offered (2002-2005), and worked as an ASM during the first two seasons of NAYLE (2006-2007).  I also contributed a small piece to the NAYLE syllabus on LNT.

      My comments are based on my memory of events, some direct reports, and probably a dash of hearsay.  Therefore it may not be 100% accurate, as fact and impression sometimes become blended

      The background for the change, as I understand it (I was not part of these deliberations):
      --the staff development materials in the NYLT syllabus were deemed sufficient for preparing scouts to serve as instructors, and that NJLIC (as a train-the-trainer course) was largely superfluous
      --the vision for youth training was to create a national-level capstone experience that focused on the growth of leadership skills in youth, rather than growth in presentation skills.  This same sense of a "capstone experience" underlies the creation of the Philmont Leadership Challenge, to be offered this fall.

      My perspective:
      --I think that based on its stated goal, NAYLE is a great experience, and I am proud of my small contributions to the syllabus and gratified to see what the youth I worked with drew from the experience.
      --NJLIC served a different purpose.  I have no idea if it will return, but I know that the scouters in the Northeast Region have had success delivering the YSDC experience for the last several years.  YSDC (Youth Staff Development Course) is very much informed by the last NJLIC syllabus.  I know that the Central Region was trying to offer an NJLIC/YSDC-like experience in 2006, but did not have sufficient enrollment to make it work (I recall it was less than five scouts registered for the course).  I would be delighted to see an NJLIC-like experience return, as I think it really met a need among the scouts I worked with, albeit a different need than is addressed by NAYLE. 

      As an aside, some elements of NJLIC were included in the development of Trainer's EDGE course that I was associated with.  As I shared with this list previously, the Trainer's EDGE course is currently on hiatus, though a course with that name was offered at the Philmont Training Center earlier this summer, and will be offered again this fall.

      I don't know if anyone from the BSA's Boy Scout training task force reads this listserv, but I would suggest you send your comments to that group, care of the BSA national office, if there is no presence here.  Stating what you need, and why NJLIC would meet your needs would be the best way to communicate the needs of your staff members.

      I hope this is helpful to you, John.

      In service,



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