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Re: Bobcat Blitz

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  • fros30
    I m no trainer and am brand new to scouting with a start up pack as well but somewhere on the web I found a post or discussion about Bobcat Blitz. The
    Message 1 of 10 , Nov 7, 2007
      I'm no trainer and am brand new to scouting with a start up pack as
      well but somewhere on the web I found a post or discussion about
      Bobcat Blitz.
      The suggestion - and what I did was set up 5 "stations" manned by
      parents. Each station taught 1 requirement of Bobcat and that parent
      signed off that night on each kid that came through. All I had to do
      was walk around and make sure the parent had the info correct
      (provided by me in the start up newsletter, & again at the 1st & 2nd
      meetings, did the blitz on the 3rd meet and recognition on the
      4th/the first Pack Meeting.)
      My Tiger and Wolf dens meet together so they all bobcatted together.
      And the message for my folks was clear from the start:
      Parental involvement = immediate reward for the scout.
      Parents were responsible for not just being there for thier boy but
      also for the den & pack. It also helped them (and me) get ,well,
      acclimated to scouting.
      Each scout had a sheet instead of the book. I collected the money for
      thier scouting books throughout those 1st few weeks and when the boys
      came to me on Blitz night with thier paper signed for each
      requirement I gave them thier book with my autograph instead of thier
      parents signing off. This provided me the opportunity to reinforce my
      name recognition as well as explain to the scout the next badge to
      work on and how to use his book for advancement (parents were usually
      standing close enough to overhear).
      I gave the badges out at pack and I don't know who the parents
      clapped for more; themselves or their scout.

      BTW - I scanned appropriate pages of the Tiger Cub book into Adobe
      and just cut & pasted for both the newsletter & the handout sheets
      used by the parents. If you copy the book make sure to use only the
      text portions and not the entire page. Copyright. But the
      requirements are accessible all over the web if den leaders don't
      have access to a book.

      Did the same for Webelos with the same results.

      CM Pack 998
      Grand Junction TN

      --- In scouter_t@yahoogroups.com, "scoutinglady" <kristens@...> wrote:
      > Hi All,
      > I was talking to one of the ADCs in my District at Roundtable
      > and he was talking about how he has run into a problem with new Den
      > Leaders being so lost that the kids don't advance...read don't make
      > Bobcat in a reasonable amount of time and then this continues the
      > get bored and quit. He was wanting something that could be put into
      > packet to give to the new leader so they could hit the ground
      > until they could get to Leader Training. I am the District Training
      > Chair and we have 7 nle/cub specific in a year so availability of
      > training shouldn't be an issue but it is. I don't think the Fast
      > goes into the detail the ADC was looking for.
      > Anyway, does anyone have something like this already if not does
      > anyone have any suggestions on activities/projects that could be
      > to guide a new den leader forward to the Den earning their BObcat
      > Thanks,
      > Kris
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