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Re: [Scouter_T] Trainer Righteousness and Our Role in Supporting Units

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  • Judy Yeager
    Bob Knudson outlined some of the advantages and disadvantages of group training vs training within the unit. He stated that Many have argued that: - ONLY
    Message 1 of 2 , May 6, 2001
      Bob Knudson outlined some of the advantages and disadvantages of group
      training vs training within the unit. He stated that "Many have argued
      that: - ONLY the "blessed" training staff can deliver the training
      program correctly." <snip>

      First let me state that I have a problem with delegating training to
      someone within the unit and it has nothing to do with the "blessed"
      training staff.

      It has been my experience that often times in units there are more hats
      than people to wear them, so there are a few people who, out of
      necessity, wear more than one hat. Then sometimes, because of lack of
      time, some "requirements" are shorted or just plain overlooked. Things
      kind of get skewed out of shape. As the leadership turns over,
      especially on the Cub level where turnover is more rapid, but also on
      the Boy Scout level, the new leaders seem to learn by example, the
      skewed method that has evolved through no negative intent, but through
      time and necessity. It is really interesting as a trainer to see the
      "lights" come on when these new leaders come through training. Just
      within the past week I did some personal coaching with a Pack CC who was
      totally confused about leader responsbilities and how to get her Pack

      On the Troop level, the prime example around here is the way that Boards
      of Review are conducted. When new leaders come to BS Basic, some of
      them have already been "trained" in their units and will actually argue
      that the mateials as presented in the syllabus are not correct.

      <snip> Have faith in your fellow volunteers. And thanks for your
      service to scouting. <snip>

      I do have faith in my fellow volunteers, but do not feel that every unit
      has two or three people who will give the time it takes to be a good
      trainer and keep abreast of the latest information that is available.
      This feeling is supported monthly when I do Youth Protection training
      and ask how many people know about the Youth Protection materials
      available for our youth members. It is obvious that this part of the
      program is not widely utilized in our District.

      On the other side of the coin, training within the unit in some areas
      might be the only way to get people trained. However, in a densely
      populated area like ours, it just is not the optimum choice.

      Of course, your mileage may vary.

      Judy Yeager
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