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Re: [Scouter_T] Training goals and promotions

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    Jamie, A couple of long-term thoughts: Our district promotes free PWD if the packs comply with/reach certain requirements. This could include a trained
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 17, 2007
      A couple of long-term thoughts:
      Our district promotes free PWD if the packs comply with/reach certain
      requirements. This could include a "trained" percentage.
      Establish pack trainers in all units to help you do your job - promoting
      training. Getting CMs and CCs to understand that their job is much easier if
      their leaders are trained, and know what they're doing.

      Free food...LOL

      Out of my little bit of experience:
      In our old district we had some people who just couldn't make it to
      training. They always offered one session on Thursday nights (meeting night
      for most packs in he district), and one on Saturday. Since we still have a
      lot of manufacturing around metro Detroit, some were on mandatory overtime
      on Saturdays. Sometimes schedules shift, making it harder for people to

      I attended NLE and Position Specific with my pack members, even though I had
      helped been staff for our council's Jungle Book. The "busy" excuse didn't
      fly that day, and we became 100% trained.

      Our district training staff is bringing training to the troops. We are
      participating with a troop in a neighboring city in a coupleof weeks. Our
      training staff also offers training at the camporees.

      Hope that helps,
      Corinna Jones
      former Pack Trainer
      Pack 1447, Warren, MI
      Troop Committee Member (membership, training, etc.)
      Troop 126, Redford, MI
      Detroit Area Council

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      Subject: [Scouter_T] Training goals and promotions

      > It is the season again when we all start ramping up our training efforts.
      > How did you go about setting your training goals this year? I know what
      > the BSA formula is - you look at how many untrained leaders there are, and
      > set a percentage based on that. I tried something different - I made an
      > estimate of how many new Cub leaders we recruit each year in the district,
      > and based my goal partly on that, and partly on my statistics from last
      > year. Last year we had 311 attendances at all the courses run by the Cub
      > Scout training staff (NLE, PST, BALOO, Outdoor Skills for Webelos Leaders
      > and YPT), so this year we're shooting for 350.
      > Now I'm working really hard at promoting so I can hit the goal, so I'd
      > like to hear suggestions about that, too!
      > ?YiS,
      > Jamie Niss Dunn
      > Pack Trainer
      > Pack 512, Blaine/Coon Rapids Minnesota
      > Cub Scout Training Coordinator
      > Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner
      > 3 Rivers District
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