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Powder Horn & KODIAK Course Director's Conferences

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    Register now for one of two important training conferences being held on October 26 – 28, 2007 in Rochester, Indiana at the Geneva Conference Center: **
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      Register now for one of two important training conferences being held
      on October 26 – 28, 2007 in Rochester, Indiana at the Geneva
      Conference Center:

      ** KODIAK and KODIAK X Course Director's Conference
      ** Powder Horn Course Director's Conference

      Your Council is encouraged to take advantage of this common location
      and training weekend so that transportation costs can be shared.
      Complete information including registration forms can be found at the
      Central Region Venturing website: http://www.crventuring.org/

      Whether the Venturing specialty you choose is Kodiak/Kodiak X or
      Powder Horn, this is the opportunity for you to learn the intricacies
      of conducting a successful course. We've recruited a great staff of
      experienced Kodiak and Powder Horn course directors and staff members
      to cover a wide variety of course planning topics. If your council
      is interested in learning more about what either Kodiak/Kodiak X or
      Powder Horn are and what it takes to plan a successful course, you
      need to join us!

      Councils planning for Powder Horn in 2008, definitely need to have
      the intended Course Director at this CDC if they have not attended
      CDC in 2006 or 2007 since PH CDC attendance by the Course Director
      within the previous two years is a course approval prerequisite. Our
      experience has shown however, that you will get the most out of the
      2007 Powder Horn CDC if you are planning a course in 2009 or beyond.
      For Powder Horn, besides the intended Course Director, attendance by
      the Assistant Course Directors and Staff Advisor, or other council
      supporters is also encouraged.

      While CDC participation is not a prerequisite to conduct Kodiak/X,
      experience has shown your Kodiak course will be much better by
      learning from an experienced Kodiak staff and interacting with CDC

      Whether Kodiak/X or Powder Horn; your Council's opportunity for
      success is increased when more staff members understand the
      underlying concepts in preparing for these programs.

      If you believe in the "X" factor of the Venturing program, we need
      you to get this information to people that should attend the
      conferences (key Venturing volunteers and staff advisors from your
      Council, as well as Venturing folks you know from other Councils).
      Our hope is to grow exciting Venturing in Central Region, get more
      Kodiak/X/Powder Horn courses approved, covering more councils
      throughout the region that end up with a successful result. Your help
      in promoting these CDC's is one way you can help us do that.

      We would really like to know if you or others you recommend have any
      interest in attending the CDCs. If you could please let Connie or
      Signe know if you are interested or have any leads as soon as
      possible we would appreciate it. Even better, it would be great if we
      could start seeing some registration forms mailed to the region
      office within the next week!

      Please do not hesitate to contact us about any aspect of your
      Council's Kodiak/X & Powder Horn planning.

      Mark your calendars: Friday, October 26 – Sunday, October 28, 2007;
      two great training opportunities that will bolster your council's
      Venturing program will be taking place at the same time and location.

      This is going to be an exciting weekend! Besides the nitty gritty for
      the programs being presented, we will be planning a Venturing
      Roundtable for all participants together to receive an added benefit
      from the synergism of the weekend. These CDC's are conducted once a
      year in the Central Region. Put together a carload, take a bite out
      of gas prices, and add a bonus of team camaraderie by capitalizing on
      this Regional training opportunity.

      If you are not one who can attend any of these two training
      conferences, spread the word and encourage representation from your

      Central Region Kodiak Coordinator Connie Elliott
      (734) 854-3822

      Central Region Powder Horn Coordinator Signe Rogers
      (316) 772-3649

      Staff Advisor, Joe Vollmer
      (630) 983-4464
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