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  • John Halter
    National would disagree with your assessment Dan. Here are the number of Commissioners NEEDED as of Aug 31, 2006 broken down by region: Northeast - 2,997
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 31, 2006
      National would disagree with your assessment Dan. Here are the number
      of Commissioners NEEDED as of Aug 31, 2006 broken down by region:
      Northeast -> 2,997
      Southern -> 4,067
      Central -> 3,167
      Western -> 7,352
      Nationwide number of commissioners needed to recruit -> 17,583
      These numbers are included on the last page of "The Commissioner", a
      newsletter for Council Commissioners and Scout Executives that can be
      found in pdf format on National's site.
      While an individual district may be fortunate enough to be able to
      recruit the required number of Unit Commissioners, that appears to be
      the exception, not the rule. Even in our council, I have noticed that
      the districts that have met or come close to their quota have done so by
      recruiting district committee members or Roundtable Commissioners as
      UC's. When I was approached to take over as the District Commissioner,
      I agreed with the understanding that my UC's would not serve on the
      district committee and vice versa. I've been, for lack of a better
      term, 'encouraged' to recruit anybody I could just so that our numbers
      looked better. Each time it has been suggested, I have politely said
      no. I would rather a unit not have a commissioner assigned than to have
      one assigned that is not doing their job. But I digress, this topic
      would probably be better suited for the scout_commissioner yahoo group.

      Thank you,

      John Halter
      District Commissioner
      Wekiwa District
      Central FL Council, B.S.A.
      "PackDude" at www.Scoutboard.com
      ...and a good 'ol Bobwhite too! SR442

      Dan Hammond, Sr. wrote:
      > EVERY unit has a commissioner. At least they do if the District Commissioner has done the job even close to right. The ratio of commissioners to units will never be 1:1, it's generally accepted that the goal is 1:3. One commissioner per three units. That's a good goal, but I've never seen it achieved. The procedure is for the DC to assign every unit to a commissioner, even though the ratio isn't achieved.
      > A unit may have never met their commissioner. The unit leaders may not even know who their commissioner is, but they have one... somewhere.
      > The more common condition is as Elaine writes, "Or worse yet, a UC that isn't doing a good job?" I know a number of very good commissioners. They are routinely visiting units and helping with problems as they arise. And if problems don't arise, they quietly slip out the back door when no one is looking. Then they go visit another unit. They are very adept at identifying where their efforts need to be.
      > Of course I've met more than one not-so-good commissioner. The ones that are still quasi-leaders in "their" unit, or only "serve" one unit, or ask unit leaders to "score" themselves on the commissioner worksheet.
      > Good unit commissioners understand that they are commissioners providing support to units, NOT the commissioner for ONE unit
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