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Re: [Scouter_T] Re: medication at summer camp

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  • Scouter Chuck
    Carol wrote... ... If these are your _own_ children, I believe you should be able to hold the meds for them. If they are Scouts from your unit, but not
    Message 1 of 12 , Jul 19, 2006
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      Carol wrote...

      > Scouter Chuck wrote in response to my original post,
      > > "Basically, if the parent is not at camp another adult can take
      > > responsibility. All instructions should be clearly spelled out,
      > > and the medication should be has to be stored in a secured
      > > location. "
      > I WAS at camp but turned in the medication to the health officer.
      > For the past three years I have been allowed to hold the meds myself
      > for both boys having received permission to do so in advance. This
      > year I was intimidated by strong language in leader's guide re
      > dispensing of meds, and was afraid to ask to hold them myself. From
      > the discussion we had on this topic previously, I came away with the
      > understanding that not complying was a serious offense.

      If these are your _own_ children, I believe you should be able to hold
      the meds for them. If they are Scouts from your unit, but not related
      to you, then you must follow the camp rules/state law.

      > I received permission to hold the patches for the younger boy
      > because of the need to apply before getting up. (and, yes, he could
      > not do this on his own...I treked over every morning and stuck my
      > hand in the tent and shook his cot.)

      Good plan.

      > Other than the evening when the wrong meds were left, there were two
      > other problems we encountered. One, another member of our troop
      > picked up the meds one evening and brought them to the table.

      If the meds were left out where just anyone could get them, that in
      itself was likely a violation of policy. If the Camp Staff was of no
      help, perhaps the Field Services Director or Camping Program Chair for
      the council could be impressed with how potentially serious this could

      > Two, because the meds weren't swallowed till bedtime, the risk of
      > losing them was great, or maybe another scout could gain access to
      > them.

      If they are needed until bedtime, WIH are they being dispensed at
      Dinner? There _is_ a real chance for loss here. The meds should not
      be provided to the boy until it is actually time to take them. If the
      Health Officer is required to hold them, then the HO should be
      required to be _up_ and awake to dispense the bedtime meds.

      These rules are not there for the convenience of the HO or the camp,
      they are there for (supposedly) the protection of the boys. They
      cannot be only partially enforced.


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