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RE: SUSPECT SPAM: Re: [Scouter_T] Re: medication at summer camp

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  • Scouter Chuck
    What s the deal with this SUSPECT SPAM note in the subject? I don t see it too often, but I do see it on the same accounts. Peter Mullaney wrote... [snip]
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 18, 2006
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      What's the deal with this "SUSPECT SPAM" note in the subject? I
      don't see it too often, but I do see it on the same accounts.

      Peter Mullaney wrote...

      > This seems to be the "common sense" approach to this problem.
      > The BSA summer camps I've been to require a note explaining
      > all meds that must or may be taken. All meds (except those
      > that may be needed immediately (eppy pen, inhaler, etc) are kept
      > locked up in the health lodge. And yes the health person administers
      > and sees that the meds are taken for each individual.

      In the camp I am most familiar with, a trip to the Health Lodge and
      back for getting meds would take ~45 minutes. That's a good chunk out
      of the boy's day, for even once a day, let alone those who need these
      meds 2-3 times/day.

      > Anyone who fails to show is 'hunted down'. We also do this when we
      > run NYLTC (formerly JLTC).

      I haven't seen many Councils or camps where this kind of trouble would
      be taken. Usually if the boy misses his appointment time, he has to
      wait. Your Council may be the exception.

      > We use the buddy system, anyone taking meds takes a buddy with him
      > to the health lodge. And like I said if someone doesn't show for
      > meds, they look for him.
      [snip rest]

      A number of hears ago, one of the boys in the Troop I worked with at
      the time "disappeared" during free time at a District Camporee. After
      about an hour, he was found down by the fence to the glider port
      runways, watching the gliders land -- _with_his_buddy_, whom he had
      talked into going down there with him.

      So... the buddy system for trips to the HL for meds is _not_ a fool
      proof method, either. That is unless the "buddy" is an older Scout or
      an adult who knows the time constraints.

      One further question: Do these rules also apply to Adult Leaders?


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