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  • Russ Gordon, Pack 42
    Dave didn t I read someplace a list you posted with all the current training item bin numbers? I just found out we have several Districts that do not have a
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      Dave didn't I read someplace a list you posted with all the current
      training item bin numbers? I just found out we have several Districts
      that do not have a complete set of training material. I told our Council
      Training chair I thought I had a list of the up-to-date bin numbers for
      I just read through my past e-mails and I can't find it.

      Dave Loomis wrote:

      > You didn't note what training you have taken, so my comments may
      > be a bit off target.
      > I'd get a copy of the Leadership Training Committee Guide, #
      > 34169, $ 5.00, from your Scout Shop. This booklet is the meat of the
      > training program, and will get you started with what you need to do.
      > Secondly, I'd get in touch with your district or council training
      > committee, and see what courses they are offering and when. As a Pack
      > Trainer, you should take the Trainer Development Conference, to get you
      > up to speed on Scouting training methods and programs. Your district or
      > council training people should be running this program a couple of times
      > each year.
      > In order to be familiar with the training your pack needs, you
      > need to take the Fast Start training for all of the positions. These
      > are available at the National web site at,
      > http://www.scouting.org/nav/enter.jsp?s=xx&c=ds&terms=Fast+Start+Training&x=0&y=0
      > <http://www.scouting.org/nav/enter.jsp?s=xx&c=ds&terms=Fast+Start+Training&x=0&y=0>
      > or http://tinyurl.com/s58xw. <http://tinyurl.com/s58xw.> You will have
      > to create a logon name and
      > password to take these courses, but when you do, and complete the
      > courses, they should post to your record on your council's ScoutNet files.
      > Reading through the Leadership Training Committee Guide, you will
      > see the training each leader requires to become trained in his or her
      > position, and this will give you a good jumping off point. You will
      > have to determine what training they have completed, and then arrange
      > for the training they need, by position, so that you can request that
      > your district provide these specific courses. For the most part, Cub
      > Scout Training is composed of two or three steps; Fast Start, Youth
      > Protection, New Leader Essentials, Position Specific Training, and
      > either BALOO or Outdoor Leader Skills for the WEBELOS Leaders. You can
      > get Fast Start and Youth Protection Training online at the National site
      > I noted earlier, so this leaves you outdoors and position training to
      > worry about. BALOO is an acronym for Basic Adult Leader Outdoor
      > Orientation, which is required before the Pack take the Cubs out camping
      > as a pack or den. The syllabus is # 34162A (or later) and costs $
      > 6.95. WEBELOS Leaders need Outdoor Leader Skills for the WEBELOS
      > Leaders, # 13-33640.which is a bin item so will either have to be
      > ordered from your council, or gotten from a person on this list. I can
      > feed you this course section by section, or can mail you a CD with the
      > entire course on it. The rest of the leaders will require the position
      > specific training for their position. This consists of a group of core
      > skills, plus a break out session for Cub Masters and Committee, and
      > Tiger, Wolf & Bear, and WEBELOS Den leaders all usually taught on a
      > Saturday within your district. The syllabus for this course is 34875A,
      > or later, and costs $ 12.00 as it comes with a CD.
      > You will also want to insure that each of your dens has a Den
      > Chief, a Boy Scout from a local troop who has taken the Den Chief
      > Orientation, # 34450C or later,which costs $ 4.75. Den Chiefs are an
      > important help to den leaders as they serve as an extra set of eyes and
      > hands, to help keep the program moving, as well as give the Cubs another
      > leader to look up to. They are especially important in the WEBELOS Dens
      > as they can facilitate the WEBELOS to Scout crossover, insuring that all
      > of the WEBELOS cross over to a troop, and are made to feel welcome in
      > the troop they chose.
      > This is a brief outline of your training needs and
      > responsibilities, that will help you get started on the right foot.
      > Don't hesitate to ask one of us some more questions, once you've gotten
      > the Training Committee book, and read the parts pertaining to Cub Packs
      > through a few times.
      > All the Best,
      > Dave
      > norman henderson wrote:
      > >
      > > Hey everyone, I guess I am the new kid on the block as a new member
      > > of your group.
      > >
      > > I was the Tiger Den leader last year at Pack 557 in Columbus, IN and
      > > what an experience.
      > >
      > > They through me in head first and that is where I stayed all year.
      > >
      > > Trying to get help was a feat in its self, no one had time, just
      > > said you will be OK, keep at it.
      > >
      > > Well the year is all but over, I had a bad year as experience would
      > > have helped and now they moved me up to pack trainer. So I jumped
      > > in early and did my own research as to the job and so far have
      > > completed every training online I can find.
      > >
      > > Looking for more, anyone have courses I can get a hold of to use in
      > > advanced leadership at home? Our council has always given me the
      > > credit for any course I have sent in completed.
      > >
      > > Thanks
      > > Norman Henderson/pack 557
      > >
      > >
      > Dave Loomis mailto:dloomis.nh.ultranet@...
      > <mailto:dloomis.nh.ultranet%40rcn.com>
      > ADC & BS Training Chair
      > Historic District
      > Daniel Webster Council, BSA
      > 245 Union St., #4 (603) 431 5342
      > Portsmouth, NH 0301-4349
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