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Re: Online Training / Pack Trainers

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  • Gerry Moon
    Ida & Friends You mentioned that your Pack Trainers _DELIVER_ NLE and PST. I assume that this is with the blessing of your District Training Team. In my world,
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 9, 2006
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      Ida & Friends

      You mentioned that your Pack Trainers _DELIVER_ NLE and PST. I
      assume that this is with the blessing of your District Training
      Team. In my world, the district provides a solid training team and
      we hold those classroom-style courses thruout the year. As far as I
      am aware, no unit in my District does their own training. I would
      hope that, at a minimum, your Pack Trainers have atttended TDC.
      National recommends it, too...

      With leader training being a function of the district (it falls
      under Program) I would hope that the District is actually managing
      it and is aware of who's doing what.

      According to what National says, the PT position has these

      - new family orientation
      - providing Fast Start
      - conducting Unit Leadership Enhancements (these are in the Cub
      Scout Leader Book)
      - maintaing Pack training records
      PowWow, BALOO, OLSWL and Wood Badge).

      It doesn't mention that the PT is responsible for _DELIVERING_ BLT
      or the Supplementals. However, in the next paragraph, it states "The
      pack trainer conducts, or facilitates the training of leaders...".

      That makes it kinda ambiguous, doesn't it? While I suppose it's open
      to interpretation, I read it as saying that those tasks on the first
      list are what's REQUIRED of the PT. If I were a District Training
      Chair, I would want to know who is doing the training in my district
      and be confident that they actually have the skills to deliver the
      material _properly_ and _effectively_. There's more to it than
      showing the powerpoints and playing the tape.

      Here I go again, preaching to the choir....

      Gerry Moon
      Orlando, FL

      --- In scouter_t@yahoogroups.com, Ida Lively <Ilively@...> wrote:
      > >I also am uncomfortable with trainers being members of the
      > participant's unit. You have not mentioned what course material is
      > used by the Pack Trainer (Fast Start, New Leader Essentials,
      > Specific), however, I would really be surprised if at least some
      > the material is not modified to fit the unit's operation. Exposure
      > to leaders from other units, or even districts, is a plus, a
      > from team training on a district or council basis.
      > I wasn't a fan of this idea either, at first. But, being able to
      relate to
      > their specific unit has advantages in training, too. For example,
      > trainers can say "when we do X and Y" we need tour permits. They
      > generally also know their people and ther personal situations
      better than
      > anyone outside of the unit(s) would.
      > I know the risks of perpetuating the "the literature says this,
      but we do this;"
      > however, since I'm the guardian of the training material, I know
      when I release
      > the material to them when/where they're going to be training. I
      can "audit"
      > at any time -- and they are fully aware of this. (Yes, I have
      audited. Yes,
      > the Pack Trainers have told each other that I do audit. ;-) It
      keeps all of us
      > on our toes. But, I am learning that *I* don't need to be at every
      training in
      > my district. *I* need a life outside of Scouting, too. One hour a
      week doesn't
      > mean that I get one hour of free time a week. ;-) )
      > My Pack Trainers teach fast start, NLE and position specific.
      Certain ones
      > also teach YP (Hubby and one of the Owls from WB). [In our council
      not every
      > trainer is 'certified' to teach YP. They have to be blessed by the
      DE responsible
      > for training (happens to be my district's DE).]
      > My Pack Trainers *do* encourage their new leaders to go to a
      > training to meet other leaders -- as I said, these trainers "get
      it." But, when
      > someone joins and there isn't a training scheduled for quite some
      time (our
      > training runs in October (council) and April (district)), rather
      than make that
      > person wait, or try to gather 4 others (my Council Training Chair
      requires a
      > minimum of 5 for a visit from our Council training team), the
      Pack Trainer
      > trains inhouse.
      > Pete (a year! only 4 more to the next Jambo!) --
      > I agree. WB is not an online training course.
      > In my opinion, these are Non-Online Training Courses:
      > OWL/WLOT (Outdoor Webelos Leader)
      > BALOO (Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation)
      > SMS (Scoutmaster/Asst Scoutmaster Specific)
      > IOLS (Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills)
      > Cub College/University of Scouting
      > Commissioner's College
      > Chartered Organization Representative Training
      > District/Council Committee Training
      > Unit Commissioner Training
      > Trainer Development Course
      > Range Officer (Archery/BB Guns/Rifle)
      > Wood Badge
      > I'm sure there's others that I've taken that I wouldn't want to
      > take online because there's so much more to be learned by
      > doing things hands on. Of course, there's trainings I've attended
      > that I *could* have learned more by a well-designed online course.
      > I'm "iffy" about Safety Afloat and Safe Swim Defense online;
      > I learned more online than I did by taking those courses as a part
      > a Cub College. IF I ever knew when the courses were offered at
      > our council camp, I'd have taken them there; but they're not real
      > good about publishing those times -- much to my dismay.
      > But, these have been my experience ... your mileage may vary.
      > Ida
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