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  • Hank Voegtle
    As a new member of this group it s suggested that I provide a brief introduction of myself for the group. In 1960 I entered Cub Scouts in Pack 330 in Miami,
    Message 1 of 54 , Apr 20, 2001
      As a new member of this group it's suggested that I provide a brief
      introduction of myself for the group.

      In 1960 I entered Cub Scouts in Pack 330 in Miami, Florida, working my way
      through Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, Lion and Webelos. I then joined Troop 344,
      also in Miami in 1963. While in that troop I earned my Eagle in 1968 and
      became a member of the Order of the Arrow. As a youth, I served on
      numerous JLT staffs and also on summer camp staff. I was a member of
      Explorer Post 623 for a couple of years in the early 70s as well.

      College lessened my involvement in scouting. In 1980, I decided to get
      more involved and became an assistant district commissioner in the Circle
      Ten Council. That lasted a couple of years. Then in the mid-80s I became
      associated with a career interest Explorer post. In 1998, I felt I needed
      to get reinvolved with this thing called scouting and became I member
      of the North Trail District Committee. I have served on the membership
      committee since that time. I have also served as Cub Master for Pack 456
      in the North Trail District of Circle Ten Council.

      Training-wise, I have taken Cub Leader Basic, Youth Protection and Train
      the Trainer. I have also taken the "District Committee" at
      Philmont (1999) and "Strictly for Cub Masters" (2000). I am working my
      ticket from Wood Badge course SR-Y2K-X2. I have taught Tiger Cubs at my
      district's spring CLBT and am course director for BALOO next fall. I have
      also attended Cub Scout Day Camp at National Camping School and will serve
      as assistant program director this summer.

      Hopefully that's the high points and not too boring, because I'm about to
      take off from work early so that my Tiger Cub son and I can go camping with
      his pack tonight and then spend the morning at Cub World.

      Yours in Scouting,

      Hank Voegtle
      Eagle-Class of '68
      I used to be a Fox . . . (SR-Y2K-X2)
      Cub Master, Pack 456, North Trail District, Circle Ten Council
      Member, North Trail District Membership Committee
    • Connie Knie
      Welcome Connie From: Ken Guarino fguarino@pobox.com [scouter_t]     Hi all,  I am just joining the group and hope to be
      Message 54 of 54 , Feb 24, 2016

        From: "Ken Guarino fguarino@... [scouter_t]" <scouter_t@yahoogroups.com>

        Hi all,
        I am just joining the group and hope to be able to share my experiences and obtain insight / tips, etc. from other members.  A brief background:
        Have been a scouter for 24 years, both my sons are Eagles, and I’ve worn MANY hats on the district and unit level.  Various Cub positions on committee and as a den leader, spent 14 years with a troop as a committee member and 7 years as Scoutmaster. Currently a Unit Commissioner and a District Training Chairman in the Theodore Roosevelt Council in New York.  Silver Beaver recipient, OA vigil, Wood Badge Eagle.


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