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Re: YP question

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  • Jim Thompson
    Dave, I agree with almost everything you say. I retired 5 years ago, after 42 years of teaching in the California public schools. Also, I ve been presenting
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 17, 2006
      Dave, I agree with almost everything you say.
      I retired 5 years ago, after 42 years of teaching in the California
      public schools. Also, I've been presenting YPT for about 12 years. so
      I'm well aware of the problem. Believe me when I say I am very emphatic
      about the risks when I do this training.
      All I'm trying to point out is the discrepancy between the online Fast
      Start training and the YPT materials.
      Let's say a leader, after taking Fast Start online, cancels unit
      meetings and sends boys home because her/his assistant didn't show up.
      Is that necessary? Is it required under YP guidelines?
      We should always err on the side of caution, no question; I just want
      to see clarity and consistency in our training materials. The confusion
      is unnecessary.
      (Incidentally, although I haven't viewed the videotape version in some
      time, I don't recall the 2-adults-required-at-every-meeting rule's
      being stated therein.)
      Jim Thompson
      Ass't district training chairman
      Youth Protection trainer
      Unit commissioner
      Sandia District, Great SW Council
      Albuquerque, NM

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      > scouter_t@yahoogroups.com writes:
      > The G2SS and all YP materials I've ever seen explicitly state "trips
      > and outings." It seems to me that if unit meetings were meant to be
      > included, it would say that.
      > I agree that the more adults at a meeting the better, for many reasons.
      > But I believe it is not required by YP guidelines. I say the Fast Start
      > statement is an error and somebody should either correct it or revise
      > the guidelines to agree with it.
      > I'm not being contentious, I just think it's confusing.
      > Jim Thompson
      > Albuquerque, NM
      > My question would be, WHY TAKE THE CHANCE?? All it takes is a simple
      > "ACCUSATION" to ruin someones life...and that could be forever!! It
      > is NOT worth
      > that risk! I have worked with youth all of my life since early high
      > school and
      > I am 54 years old. Today is NOT the world we lived in yesterday! I
      > also
      > drive school bus, we have had in the last six months THREE ACCUSATIONS
      > of
      > "inappropriate touching" that if it had NOT been for onboard video
      > cameras, these bus
      > drivers could have faced criminal charges and a label of sex
      > offender!! THIS
      > IS FACT!!
      > Again, Safety for ALL is our concern, not just the leaders! It can
      > work the
      > other way also, and a child could easily be abused/molested if there
      > is not a
      > second adult in attendance.
      > The video is not in error, nor is the statement, even if it were an
      > error, it
      > is an intelligent one!!
      > In Scouting Service,
      > Dave Robinson
      > CPC, BSA-Willamette
      > District Training Chairman
      > ADC Polk County & Specialized Units
      > WE1.492.1.03
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