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Re: [Scouter_T] Re:Another YPT question

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  • Scouter Chuck
    I haven t been following many discussions here lately, too much going on here on the home front. However, I think I need to chime in here. Jim Thompson
    Message 1 of 10 , Apr 16, 2006
      I haven't been following many discussions here lately, too much going
      on here on the home front.

      However, I think I need to chime in here.

      Jim Thompson wrote...

      > Then why doesn't it say that anywhere except the place I cited (FAQ
      > section of BS Ldr FS)?
      > The G2SS and all YP materials I've ever seen explicitly state "trips
      > and outings." It seems to me that if unit meetings were meant to be
      > included, it would say that.
      > I agree that the more adults at a meeting the better, for many
      > reasons. But I believe it is not required by YP guidelines. I say
      > the Fast Start statement is an error and somebody should either
      > correct it or revise the guidelines to agree with it.
      > I'm not being contentious, I just think it's confusing.
      > On 15 Apr 2006, at 5:55 AM, Don Wilson wrote:
      > >
      > > Yep, any time an adult would meet with a youth, two deep
      > > leadership is required, even at unit meetings.

      Sometimes we have to go with hard logic, and not worry about what the
      book says -- or doesn't say.

      We _always_ have to have at least 2 adult leaders present for anything
      in the Scouting program, where children are involved. The way the YPT
      and other training has been presented anywhere that I've seen it, this
      is pretty much explicitly stated.

      Some of us can get "hard core" as to whether the other adult(s) have
      to be registered leaders, or if just the presence of another adult is
      enough. That's pretty much a judgement call, IMHO.

      When we tell the boys going to a merit badge counselor's home to go
      together, or take a friend or parent, this is pretty much what we're

      It may not be so much required by YPT, as it is by our other program
      training. YPT basically states "NO 1 on 1 activity" between a boy and
      adult. No adult leader can take one boy out on an activity, without
      violating YPT, unless that boy is his son. Two to three boys or more
      is better. This is for in-town activities like going to the city
      council meeting, or a museum, or some activity like that.

      When doing camping and other "trips and outings", then the two or more
      leaders are _required_. For meetings you probably fall under other
      laws, that may not be BSA ones. Like the law that limits the number
      of children of which age one adult can be responsible for.

      Common sense isn't all that common, unfortunately. Add to that the
      fact that we've more or less been taught to not trust gut instinct,
      and we begin to question everything. However, common sense here is
      pretty much what we're going on. The more adults the better -- the
      more leaders the better.

      Not that much more of a stretch to "2 deep leadership", is there?

      I don't know if I helped clear this up, or muddy the water.


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