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  • Jeff Blakemore
    Barry wrote my story as well! I also wish I had understood the Boy Scout program better when I was at the pack level. I understand Leslie s concerns, but
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2006
      Barry wrote my story as well! I also wish I had understood the Boy Scout
      program better when I was at the pack level.

      I understand Leslie's concerns, but isn't one of the aims of Cub Scouting
      getting the into a troop?


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      Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2006 13:45:07 -0000
      From: "Barry Smith" <barrythebluebear@...>
      Subject: Re: Opinions on Training

      Hi y'all,

      > The "new" BSA training continuum. Is it working?

      Much better than before. When I took my initial Cub Leader Basic
      training ten years ago (the DL portion), I did get a sense of what
      to do with those boys in my backyard/basement meetings, but I had no
      idea where I was leading them to. When I attended roundtables, the
      cubbers hung out together, but the boy scouters dashed off with
      their coffee to talk about whatever. It wasn't until four years
      later, when the boys were getting ready to cross over, that my
      associated Scoutmaster started talking seriously about what the
      troop was up to. The boys had crossed over, I signed up as SA, then
      took BS Fundementals. Only then did I realize the Scoutmaster was
      delivering only about half the BS program. (Outing deluxe, boy
      leadership zilch. Quano!)

      If I had had NLE ten years ago, I would have detected the aroma of
      the scat over the fragrance of the coffee long before crossing over
      and been able to better advise my families about the comparitive
      strengths of the different local troops. All the boys from my den
      dropped out within two years (including my son). Yes, it is

      > I'm not overly fond of the various parts of the continuum.

      I am overly fond. Been training (and being trained) for ten years.
      When you get an opportunity to see not only the Cub portions, but
      the Boy Scout Leader, Advisor; TLT, NYLT, OA NLS; VLSC, Powderhorn,
      Kodiak; and Woodbadge; you can see how they refer to one-another,
      build on each other, and reinforce program awareness and leadership
      skills. The "continuum" is actually quite an accomplishment. If you
      get a chance, go see.

      > My SE tells me that some Councils are folding NLE into Position
      Specific rather than holding it as a stand alone session.

      I've been curious why some professionals at council/district levels
      downplay training (and district/program activities and community
      service and commissioner service and program awareness.) Maybe
      because they feel it interfers with their recruiting effort for the
      membership/FOS drives, which have a direct impact on their careers.

      Please, don't fall for it. The trainings (by the book) have been
      pared down a lot, already. What may seem superfluous now can become
      key down the way. In retrospect, I would have been a much better
      leader if I had received these trainings back when.

      Yours in Scouting,
      Barry Smith
      (Now a SM with coffee and bifocals)
      Council Cub Scout Training Chair
      Great Trail, Akron, OH

      "Tis better to build boys than mend men."


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