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Re: [Scouter_T] Commissioner Service/Training

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  • Chad C. Cooper
    I would like to echo Barry s excellent point! ... If a UC is serving their own unit, not only are they not in a good position to deal with personal conflicts,
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 23, 2006
      I would like to echo Barry's excellent point!

      Barry Smith wrote:

      > Hi all,
      > Having served as a District Commissioner, I cannot stress enough the
      > recommendation that a commissioner NOT serve in their own units.
      If a UC is serving their own unit, not only are they not in a good
      position to deal with personal conflicts, they are also not likely to
      objectively see problems as they arise.

      A personal experience... (sorry, this is a little lengthy)

      Our Council encourages districts to form partnership relationships
      between packs and troops. My Pack's leadership watched our partner
      Troop struggle for years. Some of our boys had really bad experiences
      and either switch troops or drop out of Scouting all together. Our
      district chose not to address the problems and, for three years we sent
      our boys to other troops. Finally people started to notice.

      Three years ago we had a large group of Webelos, one of which was the
      son of our pack's CC. Our CC had strong leadership skills and a great
      deal of commitment to Scouting. She worked with the district team, the
      current troop leadership and brought a big group of her boys into this
      troop to try to revive the unit. As she retired as the pack CC, she
      stepped into the role of UC for the pack and troop to help keep things
      going in the right direction. And, things did appear to be going well.

      My den came along the next year and we convinced my son and two others
      to join this unit. Within six months, my son and I switched units
      (after many offers of positive assistance from me). By the end of the
      year, the other two of my boys had left. Last year, all of our Webelos
      went to other troops (without any influence from me). This year I have
      already heard of bad experiences from our Webelos.

      The UC's son appears to be still enjoying the program and the UC has
      good friendships with the troop's SM and CC. They are all nice people.
      But, the UC isn't able to be objective and she doesn't see that their
      program is not working for other boys.

      Even though it is more work, a UC shouldn't serve his/her own unit(s).

      - Chad
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