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Re: [Scouter_T] keeping track of individual training records

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  • Scouter Chuck
    Elaine Boyd wrote... ... Have you looked at Packmaster? It s from the same person that does Troopmaster. I don t know of anything that will specifically
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 13, 2006
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      Elaine Boyd wrote...

      > I am looking to NOT reinvent the wheel. Has anyone developed an
      > Access Database (or something similar) to keep track of an
      > individual Scouter's training record. I am specifically dealing
      > with Cub Scout leaders. I am looking for something that will
      > signal when a leader has incomplete or expired training.

      Have you looked at Packmaster? It's from the same person that
      does Troopmaster.

      I don't know of anything that will specifically signal when the
      particular leader's training in one area is out of date, but if it
      runs anything like Troopmaster, the reports can be compiled fairly

      The problem with most programs like this is inputting the data in
      the first place. In the case of Troopmaster, there is the
      capability to track _all_ of the leader's information, but if you
      look at most unit's Troopmaster files, they will be 90% complete
      where the boys are concerned, but the leader's info will be
      minimal to nonexistent.

      Another thing to try is to look at the databases that are "canned"
      with the Access application. One of them may have what you need,
      or enough that one of the Access guru's in you pack could help you
      modify it to do what you need. I believe they have something like
      a membership list. I'm not completely sure, there.

      > I have just taken over this position and my predessor gave to me
      > the Excell spread sheet that she had been using. What she gave
      > me works, but it is very tedious to update and is confusing for
      > the leaders to understand.

      I won't disagree that it may be tedious to update. That can be
      solved -- or minimized -- by the use of "macros". If you or
      someone you know is good with macros for Excel, it wouldn't be all
      that hard to add a "front end screen" that would do this.

      Also, a very easy way to do what you need using Excel would be to
      use the date of the training as the flag -- and do a data sort on
      that column. That would bring out the oldest training. Then you
      look at it, and "redline" the ones that have expired.

      Excel is a very powerful application, and most people only use a
      small portion of what it's actually capable of doing. You might
      consider taking a course on Excel at the local community college
      (assuming they teach one), or getting a book on Excel that
      explains all the different ways it can be used.

      I can get into more detail, if you wish -- but at this time I
      don't want to clutter the list with either irrelevant info or my
      ignorance or lack of understanding of some features of Excel that
      I have never used. ;)

      One of the problems with the canned database application is going
      to be the fact that not all the training has the same lifespan.
      Some requires 3 year updates, some 2 year, and some doesn't really
      expire at all. (Cub Leader Fast Start, for instance.)

      > Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions!

      Well, I hope it helps, anyway.


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