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Re: [Scouter_T] Woodbadge Game

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  • Carter J Wood
    Friends, it s called The Game of Life for a reason. The game is a microcosm of life - especially so in Scouting. Giving up a little thing now for the
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 17, 2005
      Friends, it's called "The Game of Life" for a reason.
      The game is a microcosm of life - especially so in
      Scouting. Giving up a little thing now for the
      eventual greater good is a valuable lesson. Being
      satisfied with a small win is best when everyone
      shares in the win. the only total that counts is the
      grand total.

      Yes, the staff creates distractions - just like what
      happens in the real world where the 'big picture' is
      hard to remember when each group is heavily focused on
      their own agenda.

      Have you ever had the Pack and the Troop arguing over
      scheduling or access to facilities? Who loses? The
      WHOLE Scouting program does when the Chartered Partner
      gets exaspirated.

      Have you ever seen two District Committees in a hassle
      about who had what date resevred? What happens? The
      Program in BOTH Districts suffer. How about the Pack
      or Troop that starts selling popcorn a little early so
      they have an advange? Does that do the Council total
      any good? Isn't it the final total sales figure that
      funds everyone's program and properties?

      If you had a bad experience in the game, please
      remember it when very similar things happen back in
      your unit / District / Council. The game is
      effective even when it is not pleasant. Remember how
      upset you were over such a minor thing and then don't
      get furious when someone does something like it - work
      together for the greatest common good.

      Many other reputable outfits use the game - although
      with different symbols. I first saw in in the US Army
      Command and General Staff College. In industry,
      Malcomb Baldrige candidates use it. Wood Badge and
      BSA is lucky to have it without paying a royalty.

      Read the whole syllabus. Listen to what is offered at
      the Course Directors Conference. Everything in Wood
      Badge is there for a reason. Wasn't the game just a
      little AFTER the presentation of the four stages?
      Doesn't the first week end conclude with the movie
      wherein a group of boys (think Patrol) gets together,
      sometimes fights among themselves, and then finally
      work together for the betterment of ALL of them?
      Would they have become so successful had they not
      forgiven each other?

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