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RE: [Scouter_T] How to increase RT attendance

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  • R Fisher
    Greetings All, I take no offense at Wendell s reply, and he asks some good questions. In our case, the target audiences are usually quite different. Case in
    Message 1 of 21 , Nov 9, 2005
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      Greetings All,

      I take no offense at Wendell's reply, and he asks some good questions.

      In our case, the target audiences are usually quite different.

      Case in point: At our just passed November Roundtable we had a
      concurrent session of Health & Safety training (aka Risk Zone in some
      areas). There were five participants at the training. The person doing
      the session (me) was there prepared to train everyone who showed up. My
      normal involvement at Roundtable is usually that of "consultant" i.e.
      discussing other issues with RT attendees or District Staff or that of
      participative observer in the RT sessions.

      Of the five participants, none had ever attended Roundtable before. Of
      the five participants, all five had other people from their units (or in
      a couple of cases several people from their units) attending the
      "regularly scheduled" Roundtable sessions. As a result of this training
      session, five more people in our District have received this training.
      The next scheduled session for that course (not counting RT) is several
      months away and at the Council Service Center on a weekend. Would these
      five participants drive to the Service Center to attend a course they
      know nothing about given by someone they don't know? I have no idea;
      they did attend the course at RT that is 1/2 the distance to the Council
      Service Center and several of the participants I had met before.

      Will these five participants attend RT in the future? I don't know. As
      indicated, there are other people from their units that regularly
      attend, but perhaps they will "join the crowd". If they should choose
      to, they know where RT is and have been exposed to some of what we do,
      so it won't be totally unknown territory. Time will tell.

      I believe in our case we are trying to be "user friendly" for the units.
      We are constantly promoting training for adults leaders; by presenting
      training at a convenient time and location, I hope we are showing that
      we are serious about our commitment to getting leaders trained. By
      offering the training frequently, unit leaders can "tag team" RT and
      Training and as a result deliver a "quality" program to the youth

      Our DE and DD support the concept of training at RT - they want to get
      as many leaders trained as possible. As far as having a Pinewood Derby
      at RT, it might be a great idea. Maybe even invite the RT participants
      to build and race cars. What a hoot! At our July RT we had a
      Raingutter Regata for the adult leaders along with other activities.

      I think having RT folks do a promo at NLE (or any other training for
      that matter) would be an excellent idea. I will bring that suggestion
      to the Training Committee. The more folks that know about RT the more
      folks that might attend.


      Roy Fisher
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