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  • Wendell Brown
    ... Subject: Re: Subscribe LNT-L Question Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2005 19:02:20 -0600 From: Charlie Thorpe To: Wendell Brown
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 7, 2005
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      Subject: Re: Subscribe LNT-L Question
      Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2005 19:02:20 -0600
      From: Charlie Thorpe <charliethorpe@...>
      To: Wendell Brown <wbrown@...>

      Hello Wendell -

      You asked:

      > Charlie, I mentioned LNT-L list on another list (Scouter-T on Yahoo).
      > The question came back as to how to subscribe to your list and I said
      > I would check. Is there a way to subscribe? Are there prerequisites?

      LNT-L was started years ago as a discussion forum for LNT Master
      Educators. The LNT Center never accepted the challenge of telling new
      Masters that LNT-L existed (LNT-L is completely independent of the LNT
      Center), so subscribership then depended on word-of-mouth among those
      LNT Masters who were themselves interested in networking via the
      internet. Subscribership stayed in the low hundreds and list message
      traffic tended to be pretty slow most of the time.

      The USFS went through a complete change in the way that they do their
      email addresses a few years ago and all of the USFS LNT Masters who
      were using their work email addresses for LNT-L started bouncing. Some
      remembered to let me know about the address change so that I could
      change their subscription, but the list had been so quiet that many
      more simply forgot. Things got REAL quiet on LNT-L, then <g>.

      We had for some time been kicking around the idea of starting a new
      list for LNT Trainers and others who were interested in LNT training,
      but LNT-L got so inactive that we decided to just keep one list and
      open it up to all LNT Master Educators, all LNT Trainers, and any
      others who are interested in teaching, using, or helping to develop the
      LNT educational message.

      I would guess that at least half of the current subscribership is made
      up of BSA LNT'ers. We are getting more and more Girl Scouters as the
      agencies currently push to target the GSUSA with the LNT message. We
      also have agency folks (mostly BLM, USFS, and NPS) and others who are
      not Scouters (adventure therapy, college outdoor programs, the LNT
      Center, NOLS, etc.).

      I would suggest that any interested BSA Trainers from the Scouter-T
      group either email me for a more complete description or simply try the
      list out for a while. They can subscribe by simply sending an email


      Don't worry about putting anything in the "Subject:" field (the
      Majordomo SW doesn't look at it). In the body of the message put ONLY
      the following command:

      subscribe LNT-L

      Make sure that there are no automatic signatures or anything else that
      might get inserted into the body of the email message.

      The Majordomo software will automatically subscribe the email address
      it finds in the "From:" field of that message. It it all works, the
      new subscriber should quickly get a "Welcome to LNT-L" message back.
      If it doesn't work for some reason, just email me and I will be happy
      to do it for you:


      I am assuming that Scouter-T is focused on training issues within
      Scouting. Most of us BSA LNT'ers believe strongly that our fine
      outdoor trainers are exactly the right folks to help carry the LNT
      message to Scouting. Our national goal is to be able to create a large
      enough cadre of BSA LNT Masters to be able to then provide sufficient
      LNT Trainer courses in every Council to allow our outstanding adult
      (and older youth!) outdoor trainers to become thoroughly familiar with
      the full LNT message. There will never be enough BSA LNT Masters
      available to carry the whole ball...it will be our inspired and
      dedicated BSA LNT Trainers who will be really getting the job done!

      We do have a challenge with folks wanting to do LNT training who are
      seriously underestimating the complexity of the LNT educational
      message. I like to say that there isn't any single LNT concept or fact
      that is complex in itself - it's just "conservation of our recreational
      resources", after all. One of the neat training challenges with LNT is
      the way that the overall message starts to get complex when we

      all the different types of recreational ecosystems that we visit
      (swamps, deserts, mountains, caves, coastline, lakes, etc.);
      all of the different ways that folks like to enjoy these different
      areas (backpacking, horsepacking, paddling, caving, climbing, etc.);
      and all the different types of users that come to visit (novices,
      skilled outdoorsmen, folks who group up to enjoy the woods, folks who
      use these outdoor settings mainly to accomplish other...usually
      educational...goals, etc.).

      Many outdoor recreationists are mainly interested in just the slice of
      the LNT message that zeroes in on just one recreational ecosystem
      and/or the way that they like to use it. We don't have the luxury of
      taking this simple approach to LNT in Scouting...our units go
      everywhere and do everything!

      Please feel free to pass any part of or all of this message on to
      Scouter-T. We would love to CASE (Copy and Steal Everything) their
      ideas and take advantage of their Scouting training experience...and
      they might enjoy finding their own best way to help spread the word on

      Trace No Leaves,

      - Charlie
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