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Webelos to Scout Trans (was Re: [Scouter_T] University of Scouting)

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  • Scouter Chuck
    Robert: You wrote... ... [snip] ... One thing that I find that isn t emphasized enough is that Boy Scouts is boy led, but not unsupervised. The boys in the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 30, 2005
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      You wrote...

      > I am teaching a class this month at our University of Scouting,
      > and would like some input from all of the dedicated trainers out
      > there. The subject is WEBELOS to Scouts Transition.
      > But what I would like to know is what you would like to have
      > presented, what you think would be the information that you would
      > like to recieve.

      One thing that I find that isn't emphasized enough is that Boy
      Scouts is boy led, but not unsupervised. The boys in the Troop
      have the responsibility and right to chose their own leaders, and
      they also have the right to fail at times, and suffer the
      consequences. That includes missing a meal if someone forgot the
      main ingredients.

      They also need to understand that in Cub Scouts (and Webelos),
      someone else had the responsibility to move them along. Once in
      the Boy Scouts, they need to move themselves. And the boy leaders
      have the _responsibility_ to sign off on the requirements for the
      boys under their supervision.

      So, "boy led" doesn't mean running wild, and advancement is out of
      the hands of the parents.

      That's what I can think of, at the moment.


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