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  • Sandra Martens
    Northwest Suburban in Illinois did that theme years ago- can t keep track of sooooo many. They did it as Follow the Yellow Blue Road (for Cub Scouts) All
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 28, 2005
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      Northwest Suburban in Illinois did that theme years ago- can't keep track of sooooo many. They did it as "Follow the Yellow Blue Road" (for Cub Scouts)

      All of the staff was invited to dress as characters from it. I know my woodbadge den mate and I did the skits session. We dressed as the rainbow- we wanted to be something different. Unfortunately, hardly any staff dressed up but we had a blast anyway.

      You could have a yellow brick road leading from the opening area to each session, like a branching yellow brick road. Have flying monkeys pointing directions (monkeys mounted on the walls pointing the way) Have a wicked witch of the west roaming around trying to destroy the fun of Scouting, but the session leaders and participants shoo her away. Then at the closing have her become a good witch and join the Scouting program.

      Just some thoughts off the top of my head.

      Sandy OWL

      CubScoutDen@... wrote:
      Wizard of Oz!

      Kind of cool, kind of weird. It's not until February, but we're starting to
      plan. I'm doing a "Trips and Tours" class, so I can easily use the Yellow
      Brick Road to tie into the theme.

      Has anyone heard of this theme being used? Any ideas on how to tie it in?

      Webelos DL

      Boy Scout Mom

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