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  • Connie Knie
    Welcome Elaine, I have seen your name on other boards as well. I have only been here a short time myself. I don t have any tips for you as I am just jumping
    Message 1 of 54 , Oct 12, 2005
      Welcome Elaine,
      I have seen your name on other boards as well. I have only been here a short time myself. I don't have any tips for you as I am just jumping back into training after a hiatus as well. This is a really smart group and you will get tons of CORRECT information.......LOL

      By the way ya'll. Guess what I heard, it is news to me anyway, there is a reprint of the CS Leader Book already and on pg. 18-4 it introduces the fact that in June of 06 Tigers will start their carrer earing the Bobcat before the Tiger........hmmmmmmmmm

      "Elaine D. Boyd" <edboyd@...> wrote:

      Well, it has been a while since I have felt like a newbie, but here I am about to start on my next adventure in Scouting.

      I have been active for 8 years on the Cub Scouting end of things as a Tiger leader, Cub leader, Webelos leader, assistant Cubmaster and Cubmaster. I have taken all training associated with these positions including BALOO, WLOT, Trainer Development and Wood Badge (NE I-220) and had the pleasure of serving on staff as a troop guide for Wood Badge course NE I-243.

      My oldest son is a Life Scout working on his Eagle. My youngest is a 5th grade Webelos Scout working on Arrow of Light and looking forward to Boy Scouts.

      A few months ago my DE asked me to be the Cub Training Chair for the district. After some thought, I really wanted to take this on. My district has not had good training for quite some time. I will basically be building training up from scratch.

      I know I will have some questions for the group, right now I don't know enough to know what to ask! My first training is less than a month away, but I will be asking current staff members to run the training like they have done in the past. After that, I will have several months to plan my next training.

      Any tips or pointers that ya'll may have for someone just starting out would be most welcomed!

      Yours in Scouting,

      ~Elaine Boyd
      Scouter in NH

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    • Connie Knie
      Welcome Connie From: Ken Guarino fguarino@pobox.com [scouter_t]     Hi all,  I am just joining the group and hope to be
      Message 54 of 54 , Feb 24, 2016

        From: "Ken Guarino fguarino@... [scouter_t]" <scouter_t@yahoogroups.com>

        Hi all,
        I am just joining the group and hope to be able to share my experiences and obtain insight / tips, etc. from other members.  A brief background:
        Have been a scouter for 24 years, both my sons are Eagles, and I’ve worn MANY hats on the district and unit level.  Various Cub positions on committee and as a den leader, spent 14 years with a troop as a committee member and 7 years as Scoutmaster. Currently a Unit Commissioner and a District Training Chairman in the Theodore Roosevelt Council in New York.  Silver Beaver recipient, OA vigil, Wood Badge Eagle.


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